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  Topic: Rhythm and sports
  2006-10-02 21:54:12
Hi all, I am from a background in Rugby League. In the past couple of years while I was studying Sports I met a dude who was into Capoiera and he talked of how the rhythms used in Capoiera can be used to teach such things in sport such as balance, stance, coordination etc... We had one session together where he taught me some of the basic moves, I felt it helped to stretch out those tight muscles and was great for muscle/brain coordination. I now over see a sports programme for youths and really interested in having a capoiera session for them. If anyone is interested in taking one or more sessions drop me an email [email protected]
  2006-10-04 18:14:52
where are you bro? if your in auckland then give brabo/ grant a call 021846140
  2006-10-16 14:03:19
Yeah capoeira is good for all these things. The hyper-extension/flexibility and muscle elongation seems to battle strongly with power and size. To gain a good balance within the body, a training programme that incorporates both would be preferable for a well rounded developement of the body. It does do alot for muscle/brain coordination as well as control and the most important thing is that the kids love doing it and through experience it is clear that they do. But in reguards to stance it is not based on for example karate's perfection of proper technique of each stance, but within expressing the individual's movement of their body in relation to another body and the flow inbetween these so called 'named' moves. I guess it could be an understanding of typography of space as well as a cominbation of muitlple moves, while in play, put together to form one unnameable movement. Learning to predict and trap is an ideal. However, there is good technique to be used in the game but you just don't have time to be pointing your toes. You are right that environment is controlled by the structure of the music but this dynamic is closer to art rather then sport. In relation to the physical attributes it is more important to have good inner play/interaction with the group and more intensely, when in the circle of play, soley one individual. Namely your parnter and learning how to move them without voilence. Good luck with your programme.
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