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  Topic: Beginners classes in Wgtn
  2006-10-05 21:25:44
Hi y'all!

I'm keen to come along to the next beginners block in Wellington. Do I have to register/pay in advance, or can I just turn up to the first class?

Also, what should I wear to class? Do you guys wear shoes?

  2006-10-06 13:02:10
No need to register, you can just turn up to the first class. There will be a new beginners block starting soon (possibly on the 17th of October), we'll post something on here when it's confirmed. You should wear a t-shirt and pants that you're comfortable in and that allow you to move around easily. Shoes are optional but I'd recommend wearing them, Thistle Hall floor can be pretty filthy at times.

Thanks for the interest!
  2006-10-06 14:28:52
I love the way you sell it to the public ZZ
  2006-10-06 15:53:02
Thanks heaps ZigueZague!
  2006-10-10 13:51:20
Just a quick reminder, as the Events page states, the new beginners block course in Wellington does indeed start in one weeks time. That's Thistle Hall (corner of Cuba and Arthur streets) 6pm Tuesday October 17th (the course continues every following Tuesday until December 5th).

Tucano, eu nao preciso responder, Quindim ainda quer matar voce...
  2006-10-10 14:21:52
Hey Rachel and any others looking at classes in Wellington.

They're COOL!! Cool teachers, cool vibe and cool side-burns. And then then Axe' weekends when Professor Brando (I think his name is) comes to town... It don't get much better.
  2006-10-10 14:52:43
Eu sei, ela disse-me. it'll be a good to day to die...
a shame when they put that new floor in I guess

ate logo
  2006-10-10 16:16:29
Hey PalagiAllstar just in case you didn't mean that intentionally it's 'Professor Brabo'.

Ha ha I think 'Professor Marlon Brando' woul be a stretch of the imagination.
  2006-10-10 21:36:50
Trust me Lucifer, PalagiAllstar knows all there is to know about the good Professor.

All hail Professor Brando, The Grantfather!
  2006-10-10 23:06:52
Haha, you guys crack me up :P
  2006-10-11 10:31:11
Just remember people that we just now have gotten back one of our greastest teachers fresh from the Brasilian shores. She is Brasilian herself and actually understands the words in the songs...big advantage! You will have to be in quick as her classes fill up fast. But capoeira stylez... you can find a gap and the bigger the...more fun we will have of course. Hope you come along. Just c'c'c'can't be beat.
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