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  Topic: The Maddness in Auckland
  Just some guy
  2006-10-08 18:19:39
With the curent hype in the media around the escalating violence amongst youths in South Auckland. It's discouraging to over hear (as I did in another part of Auckland) a young gangsta styled guy loudly boasting to his mates about his latest a proudest achievement. And what was it he was so proud of....... turning up to a party with mates beside him armed with baseball bats with which they so cleverly managed to send a number of the unarmed party goers to hospitals Intensive Care Unit.
I don't know if you could say this is entirely related to the discussion on this message board but judging by some of the comments made in other threads I am sure some may feel they are not complete strangers to this sort of behaviour.
Am I right??
All I know is hearing this guy made me aware of how lost and powerless some individuals must feel to have pride to boast of achievements like this.
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