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  Topic: You are an angoleiro/regionalsta when...
  2006-10-12 17:32:54

You know you are an angoleiro when...
Your ginga looks like an epilleptic fit.

You know you are a regionalsta when...
Your game only lasts for 10 seconds.

You know you are a regionalsta when...
Your best move is taking off your shirt in the roda.

I can't remember anymore... anyone else know anymore of these?

  2006-10-13 12:22:21
You get rastiera when you make jokes like this
  2006-10-13 21:19:35
You know you are a regionalsta when...
Your best move is taking off your shirt in the roda.
hehehe lol thats funny.
i read awhile back n im stll gigling ;p
  2006-10-14 11:34:34
you know you play too much capoeira when you play the air birimbau down the street
  2006-10-14 11:44:32
Ha ha, I was doing that on the way to class the other day, along to my iPod. Then I realised what I was doing, and that it would look really weird to anyone else, so I stopped. Hee hee. I play the leg atabaque a lot too.
  2006-10-14 15:18:57
Don't forget about the pocket panderio

  2006-10-15 00:51:18
You know you are a capoeirista when your feet only come clean if you ginga in grass for ten mintues
  2006-10-15 08:19:18
You know you're an angoleiro when you go outside and play in the grass for a while and come back with your hands as dirty as your feet

You know you're an angoleiro when you go outside and play in the grass for a while and come back with your hair full of all manner of grass, leaves, bugs and small animals
  2006-10-15 19:03:17
You know youre an angoleiro when you start going bald,or youre already bald and develop a ridge of callouse along the top of youre head
  2006-10-15 20:40:01
Raposa that must make me 100% angoleiro!
  2006-10-16 15:08:46
yeah,you should see mestre Valmir looks kinda like a horns gonna grow out the top of his head,and I reckon its like on nat geo programe martial arts science the thing called wolfs law the bone breaks and grows back stronger so eventually you can cabe�ada a wall and like totally break the wall
  2006-10-17 08:34:18
or maybe cabe�ada a sentence and put a break in it :)
  2006-10-17 09:43:33
Hey Raposa
I remember reading something a while ago about the various obscure styles of Kung Fu. One of which was called Fist Kung (english translation of course). Where by the practitioner trained for years punching rocks. Starting small with small rocks and gradually moving to larger more weighty rocks. The end result was one hand that was permanently heavily caloused bone contortion of a fist/hand that could only be used for punching and distructive purposes. The other hand was never involved in the training and remained normal.
  2006-10-18 08:58:43
Well yeah, maybe Valmir could crush a wall with a cabecada, the rest of us would have to do a lot of headspinning and weight gaining to catch up to him though eh.

Raposa, when are you coming back to Wellington? Eu quero ver que voce aprendeu no Salvador, vem ca camara!
  2006-10-18 17:50:32
Bone mass gain is controlled by stress on the bone - the stronger the loads the stronger it grows, even when not broken. You can eat as much calcium as you want but if you don't stress your bones it just goes right through! So the more headstands you do the more endurance and cabe�ada power. Ultimately the cabe�ada limit is in the skull/atlas joint, but usually the more practical consideration is neck vertebrae alignment. The brain is quite well cushioned in the upward direction but still if you cabe�ada something make sure it has at least some flex.
  2006-10-20 11:21:55
Enigma the technician.I should be there by tuesday ,would have liked to be there for your birthday roda zigue.but yeah next week.
  2006-10-20 14:07:44
Beleza irmao, sem problema. Aqui ja tem um outro rapaz com mesmo apelido do seu, "Raposa". Entao, agora ele e Raposa do Norte (ele sao da Austria) e voce e Raposa do Sul. Ele e um mandingueiro perigoso tambem... Ate terca
  2006-10-24 11:58:42
Cuidado, Zeh Zeh. Raposa... a raposa. Ele que tem a rasteira da Forc,a Jedi, cabec,ada do tsunami e um sorriso da puma.... muiiiiiiito perigoso.
  2006-11-04 10:34:02
Is capoeira in NZ more like Angola or regional?
  2006-11-04 11:16:46
Um, this group is more Angola-like, though we play a bit of both, in such a way that it's a bit of a mix of angola and contemporary...ish. But there's some Regional around the place too, in other groups, it's just a bit less widespread. Hope that helps :)
  2006-11-11 23:29:21
You know you are regionalsta when...
In the confussion of the game you don't mind it when your nose ends up firmly in the other persons butt crack...Your tan is just the joining of bruises from different rodas... You like the pretty colours of a cordao more then the abilities to play... people set up stalls and start saling fruit between you and your partner...you duck a fast kick coming that is 3 metres away...you know you area regoinalsta when you enjoy rolling on the ground more then pigs....You know are you a regoinaletsa when the berimbau is stuck in the up right postion and finally you know you are a regoinal player when your best move is pushing with your hands.
  2006-11-13 13:45:41
You know you are a capoeirista when you can play all the games and play all the instruments.
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