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  Topic: Stringing a berimbau
  2006-10-14 14:56:26
Does anyone in Wellington (esp. Kelburn / Aro) feel like showing me how to string a berimbau today or tomorrow?

I just picked it up and don't want to wait until the start of next week to get playing...


  2006-10-15 12:06:45
I googled "how to string a berimbau" and this came up:


Just a thought :)
  2006-10-15 12:52:35
Yes bro let me know your email address and i can get back to you about where and when to meet to teach you how. It's easy but painful I should warn you.

  2006-10-15 17:21:20
Thanks for the site - I already looked online, but since this is my first berimbau I really want to have someone watch and tell me if I'm doing something wrong...

My email address is marbiol at gmail dot com.

Worst case, I'll just wait until Tuesday (the Monday class is on the wrong side of town for me right now).
  2006-10-15 18:04:56
Check your email. I sent you some text and contact details. As I said in the email, tonight will be fine and it's good to see some else that is as mad about their berimbau as I am. To put it lightly. It's a bloody great instrument. Haere ra.
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