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  Topic: Forum Decorum - Forum/Roda
  2006-10-20 15:58:41
I will not budge!
The only thing better quality than my cattle is my 8 class ticket.
  2006-10-20 16:21:53
What if we all slap you? :P

Maybe we could start a new art... well hybrid of several. It'd be like capoeira meets cattle-bartering meets maculele... Like, played in a roda, maculele style moves, but instead of hitting sticks together you'd slap each other... Muah ha.
  2006-10-20 21:16:10
[opens notebook. writes carefully]

wo..cuh..aw..t..for..snee..kee..ras..teen..ha..zuh..ka..ra..ta y..su..lah..puh
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