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  Topic: We want YOU(R help)! - Documentary
  2006-10-18 12:44:00
Hey guys,

Having obtained Brabo's stamp of approval, Labareda and I are planning on making a documentary about Capoeira, and in particular Capoeira Pasifika, as would be expected. We're planning on getting it underway soon, and spending from now until Encounter '07 gathering material/footage etc. for it, and then interviewing as many people as possible at Encounter to get a wide range of perspectives etc. Then hoping to finish it up in the month after Encounter. What we're looking for at the moment, that we want your help with, is ideas for content for the documentary. We need to come up with a narrative, an ultimate goal that we want to achieve i.e. what we want out doco to tell people about our capoeira. So we'd like to kick off some discussion about things to explore etc. Feel free to post any thoughts or ideas you have, whatever they may be, and then hopefully we'll get some ideas out of it that fit our vision :). Cool, thanks everyone

~Rastinha and Labareda~
  2006-10-18 12:57:41
Who is the intended audience?
  2006-10-18 14:32:16
The intended audience can be:
"a person familiar with capoeira"

It will be about:
"Capoeira Pasifika..."

Mostly it will be for players of capoeira.

What it will not be, is an intro to capoeira film, nor is it for someone with no knowledge of capoeira, it wont be aimed at the lowest common denominator. It will be whatever is left.
  2006-10-18 14:34:17
Yeah, that's the one :)
  2006-10-18 15:22:53
I think even though this is meant for a Capoerista or those familiar with Capoeira it would be valuable to have an overview of the history of Capoeira as a whole (even if it is brief and involves a montage of stills).

The narative seems to be the introduction of Capoeira to Auckland and then to the growth of a national organisation.
Something like this would take a bit of digging through the archives (probably photo stills for the most part).
Would be good to look at some of the unique characters or ecentricities within our school. Possibly even get a foreign perspective on the school.
Just a few thoughts so far.
  2006-10-18 16:24:21
I just finshed a course on the legalities of documentry making. Let me know your email address and i'll send you some stuff. Mine is; [email protected].
  2006-10-18 16:27:30
Sweet, oi.rastinha(at)gmail(dot)com is me :)
  2006-10-18 20:12:38
It would be great to see some history in there specifically about Brabo's anglelic past.
  2006-10-18 20:28:37

I think Brabo past may have to have his "Capoeira Hollywood Story" told :0)

something like...

"...when we return, Brabos wings are cliped, a secret is revealed, and the house of cards comes crashing down. NEXT!, on Capoeira Hollywood Stories."
  2006-10-18 20:31:32
Oh, BTW...
the above should be read with either:

a "This Summer, Only in Theatres" kind of voice,
a american female "20/20" style reporter voice,
or Veludo's voice, which ever you prefer.
  2006-10-18 21:01:24
yeah I heard there was this guy who was in a plane and was throwing flour bombs out of it on people below. Name escapes me though...
  2006-10-18 22:24:06
Ha ha, that's hilarious :P
  2006-10-27 01:03:00
Anymore luck there on your film venture?
  2006-10-27 10:41:38
Its simmering :0)

We will probably try and contact some people individually quite soon to get stories of days past, rodas, events etc...

If you have stories you would like told then feel free to email them to:



iamdesigner(at)yahoo(do t)co(dot)nz
  2006-10-27 11:23:37
Did you get the email?
  2006-10-27 15:44:26
Rastinha forwarded it to me :0)
I havnt had a chance to look at it yet though i know Rastinha has :0)
  2006-10-27 17:05:45
I've got some more stuff to sent to you as well.
  2006-10-27 21:01:15
Before maps were invented there was this guy who used to give us directions at the junction turn left it's the Marae in the middle of the field next to the church a couple k's out of town...
  2006-11-02 16:52:59
kia ora ive got some footage of past rodas, fotos too (which i was ment to give to veludo a while back) if that helps?.
  2006-11-02 21:55:36
Oi Guerreiro,

That would probably be good since I imagine at least a wee chunk of this process will definitely involve sifting through archival stuff in order to get a picture of CPMA's history. Cheers. Um, maybe give one of us an email (the addy's are up above) so we can add you to our list of people to contact about stuff? Wicked.
  2006-11-03 10:18:17
Hmmm, Guerreiro, there's some stuff that you may still have on tape from Waiotapu that really wouldn't be suitable for any doco...
  2006-11-03 12:19:13
Such as the mistakes of your youth, ZZ?
  2006-11-03 14:40:38
  2006-11-03 15:36:52
Sounds like more material for the 'Capoeira Hollywood Story' Spinoff movie, lol.

'"And coming up after the break, ZigueZague's ZigZag of a life begins to lose it's shape and structure as it spirals out of control...We'll reveal it all in previously unreleased footage that wasn't suitable for any other documentary except this 'capoeira hollywood story. You won't believe your eyes!"
  2006-11-03 15:41:42
Those early Waiotapu days were something of a Blair Witch Project.
  2006-11-03 22:43:14
i got a couple of those on tape somewhere. man the capoeira back then was..... lets just say it was interesting ha ha
  2006-11-03 23:32:01
yeah those sleeping arrangement one's where hilarious...
  2006-11-04 12:53:26
Before maps were invented there was this guy who used to give us directions at the junction turn left it's the Marae in the middle of the field next to the church a couple k's out of town...

and the use of balllons too he is a very carfty chap
  2006-11-04 13:03:04
ha ha zigue yea bro still got it, fun times.

samba de roda camara! samba!
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