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  Topic: Waikato's World
  2006-10-23 14:32:03
Hey kiddies,

Just wondering if any of the Auckland people are going down to Hamilton on sat for the waikato's world thing Feiticeiro emailed about? I'm in NP til friday, so can't talk to people in class to sort it out. Anyway, I'm keen to go down, but I needa bum a ride off someone if that's possible. Let me know if you're going, or thinking of going, ya? Cool. I might txt some people too or something, I think I have numbers...Or just txt Brabo to find out what the plan is, if there is one. Sweet. Just reply, or email: oi.rastinha(at)gmail(dot)com or txt 027 327 9716 :D Cheers everyone.
  2006-10-23 21:07:27
Hey everyone.
There is an event happening this Saturday (28th October) in Hamilton called
Waikato's world. An event consisting of a "people" atmosphere with loads of
entertainment and attractions... we have an opportunity to display some
capoeira on Saturday afternoon/evening. We will have 2 rodas that day (one
starting at 1pm and the other around 5/6pm untill dark) This will be a
great opportunity to spread the awareness of capoeira in Hamilton and
promote the classes running the rest of this year and 2007 also to play some
capoeira and build the ax'e...

Capoeiristas coming to the event to display capoeira will have access passes
so if you are planning to come to come plese give an indication so I can
tell the event organisers how many of us will be there...

Waikatos world:
Saturday 28th October
Claudeland events centre

1-3pm: Roda
3-6pm: Fun, food, free time
6pm-dark: Roda,
Just after dark: Fireworks display and more live entertainment

Here is a link to the website of the event.


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