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  Topic: East Auckland Classes
  2007-02-26 16:16:34
That would be cool, its just hard finding someone experienced out here thats willing to teach. I was in touch with a couple of experienced people keen to teach a while back, but have since changed their minds. Anyone one out there keen? BTW My cell is 0211587745. I would like to teach sometime in the future, but i'm too green to do it now :P
  2007-02-26 19:16:41
mines 02102774575
  2007-03-01 20:25:40
hey ppls just got bak and im up for training oh and if there a childrens class for like 12-13 im in if its in eastern beach( im only 12yrs old)
  2007-03-01 20:59:22
I just got an email from brabo (the professor)this morning and he is looking at starting up a beginners block course out near us if he gets enough interest. For something like this to get off the ground and start classes out here, brabo and co will need the support. My best suggestion is keep you eyes peeled for this, and you will get a undiluted taste from some experienced players. I'll still e at the beach from time to time, but these aren't really formal classes or anything.
  2007-03-03 07:07:50
Yo max are u still doing it on sunday mayb get bak to me k thx .
  2007-03-07 23:32:31
Hey MAX SOrry for being slack lets gofor this sunday arvo///
  2007-03-08 12:56:38
Hey Maximus. Haven't seen you in a while and now I know why. That Hemi man, he can play... just don't truat that that smile of his means he's a softy. In fact the more he smiles the more you gotta watch! And of course Damien... he's got some kinda golden voice to his name.

We're hoping to be part of a street event in GI in April. With that we''ll advertise a workshop to be held a week later and then hopefully with enough interest a block course and so on. The matter is getting the committment. There's always heaps of interest but it's the committment that makes it happen. If you guys who are training out that way want to hook in with us and set up classes that'd be cool. I'll keep checking here and if things aren't moving fast enough put a cracker under my feet and don't wait for Guy Fawkes!

The Encounter is most definitely worth it. It's a catapolte for both beginners and experienced players.
  2007-03-11 04:26:51
so max u havin it tday on sunday lol txt me da details if u are k later
  2007-03-14 10:00:46
Sounds like a plan brabo.
  2007-04-02 16:23:28
my phone is 5373994 ring me wen u guys have made a desision bout the classes
  2007-04-10 16:40:10
Hey Guys....I have never ever ever ever done capoeira in my life, but think it'd be the best way to keep yourself moving...I'm very keen to start. I live in Mount Wellington, and I think travelling to Saint Pauls would be too far...especially considering I don't drive, and most of the classes finish at 9ish.

Any more progress on a class out east??
  2007-04-12 00:44:07
Are any capoeiristas who from out East way and don't come to class available this Saturday to do a demo at the GI street festival? I don't have all the details but will get them to you as soon as possible.

We will be advertising a workshop to follow that and hopefully from that a regular class. ''Let me know as soon as possible.

  2007-04-20 18:33:20
Is anyone there? The date for that festival has been and gone and I haven't heard a thing from anyone after replying to the notice.
  2007-04-22 19:47:33
Hey Maximus

Yeah, there was no real communication about time. I think the problem was that we lost contact over the Encoiunter period.

The other thing is that unfortunately none of the current training senior students have put their handup to facilitating a class out East. None of them live out that way.

It would be great to sort something out as I know there is some interest to have a class. Any ideas from people?
  2007-05-03 07:42:53
Well, this is disappointing. Isn't someone interested in teaching? Its a prime opportunity to teach your own style of capoeira. I would teach myself, but I haven't been practicing anywhere long enough to ro be let into the dangerous position of telling other people what to do.
  2007-05-08 17:06:01
lol im sure Max u can just teach us the basics atleast you know id be happy to join you in that :)
  2007-05-10 07:58:37
Sounds good, but doesn't look like i'll be doing any bending for a while. Injured my back somehow and got x-rays, and i'll find out on friday how long i'm out of action for. Maybe i can teach you the basics once my back is recovered.
  2007-05-10 17:53:55
Yea man thatd be awsome hope your back gets better :)
  2007-05-14 12:49:47
Not looking good. Compression fracture on T6. Could be a couple of months to fix and no more capoeira :( Gotta talk to a surgeon this week.
  2007-05-23 07:47:16
Alright, I have to wait a month to visit a surgeon and I don't think they will operate. Doesn't look like i'll be doing capoeira anytime soon.
  2007-06-07 21:07:47
DAMMMIT!!!! lol
  2007-06-07 21:12:29
damn man we need a class in east auckland badly lol
  2007-06-11 15:35:47
n○ news on the back front. Still waiting for surgeon visit.
  2007-06-12 08:16:27
hope all goes well for you Maximus. i feel like your a forum brother from a different mother...hehehe., but i really hope you get better soon, so i can come over to east and give you my "blessing", LOL.
i kinda know the feeling, I'm in a wrist cast cos i tried (and didnt quite succeed) a Macaco to quida de rins.... so im casted up for awhile, and all work and no play, makes jack a very anxious boy....thats just iching to Au
Keep up the Ax�!!!
  2007-06-13 17:02:32
Well wishes to all you injured capoeristas, the hardest bit is waiting until you're 100% again before starting training back up.
  2007-06-13 20:58:53
Tell me about it... Damn shoulder... I just can't keep off it... I did have to teach a class tonight, and I did minimise what I did on that side...but yeah. And Feits just busted his knee... We're dropping off like flies... lol
  2007-06-14 15:25:34
oi som1 tell Fets im passing thru town soon,well meet to trade goods!

contact me Aow by email-slapcole@gmail

ill give details there.
  Pianista Sympatica
  2007-06-14 16:03:07

I feel you, all ye injured brothers and sisters ...
Tell me about not being able to train!

Wish you all get well soon :-)

  2007-06-14 17:33:48
yeah injuries or just plain being sick...stink bro! that's cut me out of training tonight...hopefully will be better(ish) by tomorrow for the roda...

how are you settling back in sympatica? sending good happy vibes in your direction :)
  2007-06-15 12:48:36
You know what the worst thing is? The doc told me to serious think about doing something else other than capoeira cos its probably gonna happen again :( Waiting blows! I wanna get moving dammit.
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