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  Topic: East Auckland Classes
  2007-07-25 12:53:17
hey Maxmimus,

I know how you feel - slipped my bottom disk last year and was out of action for months. Doctor also told me I wouldn't be able to do capoeira again. Went to surgeon and he said it was border line but probably not worth operating on. Neways I don't want to go against your doctors medical opinion but my experience is that they're a bit over cautious about backs and the best thing I did for mine was to start carefully training again and building up the surrounding mussel to support it. I'm just getting back to fitness now and it was over 9 months ago....

hang in there!!

  2007-08-04 22:30:13
Very nice point of view! Respect!
  2007-08-05 13:54:09
Very nice point of view! Respect!
  pe liso
  2007-08-05 22:13:06
hey I haven't actually posted anything here yet - but injuries is a favourite subject - could be another thread ? - and Maximus thats bummer about the stress fracture - I have a very good osteopath ( and I have tried all kinds of treatment and practitioners) out west his name is Glenn Willams - he normally only does the top sportspeople - but he is interested in physical stuff - look him up in the phone book -- the other two things I reccomend is Pilates while you are recovering = see if you can get Acc to cover a few one on one sessions and then try to get in the habit of your own short practice in the mornings - this will ease the disc pressure and build supporting muscle . The other thing is Comfrey also know as 'Knit bone'- an old medicinal remedy that grows as a common weed just about anywhere you get to notice its big dark green leaves - just google it and you will find ways to use it to make a kind of poutice that enters the bloodstream and seriously helps to mend bone. All the best on your journey and if you need some inspiration check out Jackie Chan he has broken enough bones to keep a few good doctors telling him he should give up - including his back - the best thing about healing is that it can only get better.
  2007-08-06 13:03:02
Cheers for the advise. I have another appointment in 2 weeks. I had an MRI done about 3 weeks ago and they claim there is nothing visible causing the problem, despite it still not being 100%. I was orginally doing yoga and a bit of pilates before this all happened, and am planning to start doing them again soon. I'll check out the web for that plant. Cheers for the advise everyone! I am still tossing up what I think i should do (ie what martial art) as even though I enjoy capoeira, I have other things I want to train in like karate and weapons training, just to keep things real. I think my capoeira is appreciated slightly more when you are experienced in some other forms of activity (martial arts or dance for some people). Main thing is I want to get off my butt and do some decent exercise!
  2007-08-06 21:05:29
Very nice point of view! Respect!
  2007-08-08 09:21:19
Very nice point of view! Respect!
  2007-08-09 03:03:12
Very nice point of view! Respect!
  2007-08-10 01:20:48
I like it! 019b8b0aa9d3e16ea31a904c27e66970
  2007-08-15 00:40:54
hello! nice site, I like it!
  2007-08-15 11:58:33
hello! nice site, I like it!
  2007-08-17 15:57:48
was unable to train for couple of years because of crap lower back, tried everything, in the end did 6 months of pilates with a physio being trained how to use my core muscles properly, it really worked i would fully recomind. am back to throwing myself around with no worries its awesome after hurting for so long
  Pe Liso
  2007-08-18 20:30:23
hey Bicho good to hear that deadpan delivery - Brabo said he had a good time up there - anyway I just started a new thread on Injuries for this discussion.
  2007-09-11 23:48:32
WOW, my fatcher boght a new computer for me today!
  2007-09-12 08:13:28
Hey zlryz....
Whats a 'fatcher' and what's it doing 'boghting' your computer?
  2007-09-12 18:17:18
Hey guys, names Sunit, Ive been doing ninjitsu for a few months and I was thinking of getting into Capoeira, anybody know where I could get started?
  2007-09-12 18:37:11
Where abouts are you located Sunit?
  2007-09-12 20:32:10
Im in the Somerville area of Howick, currently attending Howick College, 5th form
  2007-09-13 00:56:29
WOW, my fatcher boght a new computer for me today!
  2007-09-13 04:58:30
WOW, my fatcher boght a new computer for me today!
  2007-09-13 13:37:29
Whats your computer got to do with Capoeira? Seriously?
  2007-09-13 15:34:25
Hey S-unit,

I believe there are a few people out that way that have been looking for classes, but there hasn't been anyone around that can teach out that way, and if you read the rest of this thread you might notice a few people have injuries and stuff. There are the classes in ponsonby, but those are all that I know are going on at the moment, and I guess it might be a bit hard to get in for them. Keep an eye out on the site though, cos if any classes come up out that way, this will be the place to find out about them
  2007-09-13 17:48:20
Thx Rastinha, yeah ive read the whole thread and the injuries do seem pretty bad but what martial artist doesnt get injured from time to time, btw, where abouts are you located? and how long have u been doin Capoeira?
  2007-09-13 18:10:11
Here ya go S-unit12

  2007-09-13 18:25:00
Thx Labareda but I cant really get out to Ponsonby, I was kinda wondering if there would be any classes avalible in Howick sometime in the near future, it would make it a hell of a lot easier for those wanting to do Capoeria out in east auckland
  2007-09-13 22:07:57

I'm located centrally in aucks... Grey Lynn, soon to be Grafton, so real close to classes. I've been playing capoeira a little over 2.5 years now, so not too long but long enough to be hooked for life I guess, hehe.

As far as East Auckland classes go, everyone's real keen to get some going, it's been on the cards for a real long time, it's just that there's no one who has the ability to teach, that lives or can travel out that way to teach at the moment, and until anyone shows up/moves over that way and can do that, it might still be a work in progress. With any luck, some of these guys who have been chatting in this thread might still be keen, and start posting again, and then you guys could get together and train some basics until an alternative is available...

If you could make it in to town... Actually, I think most of it's happening in Mt. Albert, but if you could make it there for a day/weekend then this might be good for you to come to:


There 's a free beginners workshop at 10am on the saturday and more classes throughout the day/over the weekend etc. If you wanted a one off opportunity to come into the city and learn some basics then that would be a good bet. It'd give you a foundation to maybe train with those other guys out that way with. Let me know if you wanna know anything more about it :)
  2007-09-14 03:40:50
WOW, my fatcher boght a new computer for me today!
  2007-09-14 06:39:26
WOW, my fatcher boght a new computer for me today!
  2007-09-14 10:33:23
Thx Rastinha, youve been a great help
  2007-09-14 10:45:24
No worries dude :)
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