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  Topic: capoeira weekend in dunedin
  2006-10-26 15:17:19
hello capoeiristas.

well I have been quite a stranger at capoeira in wellington lately. Mainly cause my wrist is still in a bad condition and it is very likely that i might need to get an operation before being able to play capoeira again.

But here are some interesting news. In dunedin a new capoeira teacher coming directly from brazil has picked up the scattered dunedin capoeiristas and built a new group. He (his name is perere ) is organising a capoeira weekend on the 10th and 11th of november.

While my brother was in dunedin he lived with perere and so he has contacted me to invite any capoeiristas (students and teachers) to come and take part, to celebrate capoeira and its different ways of playing.
There will also be samba, maculele ...

So anyone who is interested just get in contact with him or his girlfriend and interpreter oliv

perere: [email protected], 0276548094

  2006-10-26 16:57:24
You realise that he is competing with the ever-so-amazing Wellington Ax� weekend...
  spilt milk
  2006-10-26 17:40:47
hey marco, hope you're well. As Platinado has already alluded, capoeira pacifika is holding it's own event in welly over the same weekend - bad timing me thinks
  2006-10-27 11:20:47
Dunedin with a 'D' please. Yeah bad timing and placement.
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