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  Topic: It takes balls...
  2006-10-29 01:27:53
I've been doing some thinking (not that I normally don't think) and I'd like to share a story.

Once upon a time there was a young juggler. One day, he was juggling in a park, practicing a cascade, when along came a man carrying a little bag. Nodding to the young juggler, the man sat and watched a bit. Then the man stood up, reached into his bag, and pulled out three old looking balls. The man did a few simple stretches then began to also juggle a cascade.

Wanting to show that he was better than the man, the young juggler did his flashiest tricks. But, not actually being too good at them, he dropped a few times. The man also dropped - each time picking up the ball, looking at the young juggler a bit, then continuing to juggle. Ha! thought the young juggler: he's looking at me to learn a thing or two!

After a while the young juggler packed up and left the man with his cascade. As he was leaving, the young juggler thought to wish the man good luck. He turned around and stopped: the man was doing the most complex, solid three ball routine ever seen.

Seeing the young juggler, the man dropped a ball, picked it up, grinned and returned to doing a cascade.
  2006-10-31 14:26:57
That was an analogy of the essay posted by Contra-Mestre Perere about the Art of the Approach...
  2006-10-31 14:40:29
Yeah, that's a cool story/analogy. Nice pun in the title there too. It seems those Perere essays have been real good thinking points, not just in relation to Capoeira, but as an analogy for a whole lot of aspects of life. Hmm, kinda cool :)
  2006-11-10 20:41:47
ionolsen44 So interesting site, thanks!
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