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  Topic: Mount Maunganui Axe Weekend
  2006-11-22 10:43:38
aue! how are we getting here? (unless ive missed it completely!)
whos going down from where and when! and what in?
i my self would like to leave on fri (after work 6pm via ponsonby, if good with you !~) AK all the way!
Arranha Ceu! im camping, eatting and playing! 55 dollar on the door is what your asking for?
  2006-11-22 11:01:42
Yep how we getting there? i would need a lift as well FR evening after work from Auckland. Any free space in a car let me know :-)
  2006-11-22 12:11:55
Heh, I was just about to post something to this effect too. Maybe we should bring this up in class also. I'm also in need of a ride, going down friday from Auckland. I'm flexible and can go down anytime during the day. I'd like to stay for the roda on sunday and stuff too, just in case that's an issue at all for anyone, but as long as I can get down there I'm happy :D oi(dot)rastinha(at)gmail(dot)com or 0273279716 if you can help me :)
  Arranha Ceu
  2006-11-27 11:48:37
1 week to go people, and it is setting up to be a good weekend. Sounds like there are going to be quite a few peeps coming from the various centres. Even a couple from Wellington are making the mammoth drive north, awesome guys it will be cool to have you there.

Just to clarify a couple of things before the weekend.
1) Dont forget your tents or organise to crash in somebody elses.
2) Friday and Saturday nights accomodation are included in the weekend. When you arrive report to the office and say your are with the Capoeira Pasifika group. Don't pay as I will sort this out. Not sure if anyone is planning on coming early friday but you should be able to set up camp after 10am in the morning.
3)The only food provided is the BBQ on Sunday. There are plenty of cafes across the road and more a couple of hundred meters down the road for your morning latte fix, I think they may even do fritatas Brabo :) Or of course you can bring your own food. There are communal fridges and freezers available.

My phone number is 021 534598 if you need to get a hold of me.
  2006-11-27 13:02:24
Ooh, yay, I so can't wait. I'm so excited! :D I miss nice beaches...
  2006-11-28 22:30:32
The Wellington Ax�mobile will probably be arriving quite late on Friday night, although I am ambitiously hoping that with my James Bond driving skills I'll get us there by 9.30pm. Is late arrival going to be a problem?
  Arranha Ceu
  2006-11-29 08:09:32
Hey Quindim. I think the gates lock at 10ish. But you can just park up outside the camp ground and walk your stuff in. Give me a txt or call on the friday to let me know where you are and what time you expect to arrive and if it is going to be late I will give you directions on where to set up your tent/s. Mob 021 534598
  2006-11-29 12:37:52
van down to the mount on friday and returning sunday evening

A 13 seater van is booked @ 440 including every thing except the desial (which is about 60-70 to fill the tank), its got a small boot space but i reckon our gear will take the 13th seat! and go under the other seats
depending on the amount of peps going estmit price will look like 30 each, return + desial.... at 5-10 each per tank

id like to know whom we have confirmed to come in this van and when you are avable to be picked up and from where.

be in quick, seats are going fast! we could do a pick up in hamilton, if you fellas are up for it! please reply to me with your answers and questions by fri 12noon
bexellis at gmail dot com
thanks narizinho
  Arranha Ceu
  2006-11-29 14:29:05
If any others think they will be arriving after 10pm on friday night, can you let me know also. Phone number as above

  2006-11-29 17:13:34
Desial - a new blended fuel made of 40% desire and 40% denial. For all your hotbodding needs!
  2006-11-29 21:17:38
[Waddling over from the commotion on Ultimate Fighter St, Palha�o looks up and sees, dangling from a rope off a building, a question mark with a sentence: "...40% desire and 40% denial..." Palha�o scratches his head and wonders what the other 20% is.]
  2006-11-29 22:03:03
Herbs and spices, of course.
  2006-11-30 11:02:01
Ah... ye old secret recipe... [Palha�o gives Enigma a knowing nod]
  Arranha Ceu
  2006-11-30 13:06:29
A bit more info,

The address for the Mt Maunganui Domain Motor Camp is 1 Adams ave. It is situated at the base of the Mount, you cant miss it.

The training for Saturday will be at Grenada Park Hall. Corner of Gloucester Rd and Monowai St (bright blue building). The driveway is on Monowai St. We are starting at 10:30am on the dot.... Yeah right.

Arranha Ceu
  Arranha Ceu
  2006-12-04 08:20:20
What a weekend. Great weather, great people and muito axe. I hope people all made it home safe and sound.
Thank you to everybody who came up/down/across for the weekend, it was an amazing turnout. Especially awesome to see you guys from Wellington and Northland there.
Muito obrigado to Brabo also for the workshop and leading our festivities. And also thanks to your family for letting us have you for yet another weekend.

Nice pics Pianista.

Um, dois tres.....

Arranha Ceu
  2006-12-04 09:10:57
It was a fantastic weekend for sure. Just wish I could keep my eyes open today.
Thanks to the Mt. Maunganui crew for your sterling efforts. It was well worth the journey. It was great to have so many people at the batisado and a privilege to play with you all.

Tres, dois, um ...
  2006-12-04 10:25:02
Oh, dude, it was awesome for sure. Big ups to *Everyone* who made it possible; organisers, drivers of cars from round the place, and each and every person who brought the Ax� and made it what it was. And to the elements for giving us nice weather. Apart from hailing on my tent pitching. But other than that, amazing weekend. It almost ached to have to leave and come back, I'd've been happy to stay forever. Or at least a couple more days.

Congrats to all the batizado-ers, was a great batizado. That little hall is awesome for that, it just resonates with ax�. They were all very nice games to watch too.

Thanks to all the teachers for making the saturday workshop the hardest, most intensely physical day of my life with 5 or so hours of exercise on some bread and jam and fruit...Damn it felt good to crawl into bed that night. Also for sharing your expertise and all that, you're all wicked. And yeah, big big thanks to Brabo as usual :)

Awesome. Just awesome. Can't wait for the next. (*cough* Waiheke...it's gonna be fun *cough*)

Muito obrigada
  2006-12-04 13:07:44
Wow. Even before considering the capoeira, this was an awesome weekend due to the weather, the sea, the Mount (and the view from the top of it), the hotpools, the barbecue and the great company. Then of course the workshop and both rodas were fantastic. Good times, good times.

Great to meet all the people from the Mount (huge thanks to Arranha Ceu and all the crew who organised everything and made us welcome), and to see everyone there from Hamilton, Auckland especially Northland (good work Bichu, you got a couple of potential legends on your hands).

Alofa to the AllStar for all the work past and present. This beast of yours keeps growing!
  2006-12-04 13:42:52
Thanks heaps Arranha Ce'u and Ma'scara for putting so much into getting us one of the best camping sites. Great views out to the Pacific so clear we could even see Samoa!

Thanks heaps to the senior students who took on a big chunk of the front line teaching. The feedback from engaged students leave no puzzles... it was great.

Thanks for the feedback by the way. I have read them through twice... the first didn't count it was too funny. But in there with the Gambi quality wit was a lot of information that I think will help run these weekends and workshops event betterer. I will have a summary out soon which will be posted ont he up and coming members site.

Big Axe' to all who travelled but of course especially the Northlanders and the Wellingtonians. I agree Zigue... the best. We might need more campsites next year. Same place same time... keep it open.
  2006-12-05 12:34:13
Hey, I just wanna give a massive thanks to EVERYONE involved in the weekend just gone, and especially to Arranha Ce'u and Ma'scara for their surpreme organisation skills.... a truly fun and relaxing opportunity to be with the rest of the pasifika crew... A big congratulations to all those who had their batisado.

Last and most of all... thank you Brabo.

  2006-12-05 15:38:42
Great Weekend... check out the two albums here http://picasaweb.google.com/tonia.gnoerich
  2007-02-11 22:52:40
Hello, my name is Alex, i'm a newbie here. I really do like your resource and really interested in things you discuss here, also would like to enter your community, hope it is possible:-) Cya around, best regards, Alex!
  njvacht xrpvftdu
  2007-03-01 10:20:52
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  2007-03-02 11:42:44
BANG!!!! (shoots njvacht xrpvftdu....but misses) Damn net fairies, they made it here...
  2007-04-13 14:25:30
wot up ya'll new to this town lokking for capoiera classes can anyone help me ????
  tliah hfwykq
  2007-07-10 21:50:00
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  2007-07-10 21:50:08
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  2007-07-11 23:10:59
Hi assasina,
Which town are you in? Our group runs classes in several cities around New Zealand. you can find more info about them on the classes section of this website.

As for the gobbledygook, is that a question? sorry i cant understand that lingo man.
  zxlcbuf lgrksy
  2007-10-28 09:20:08
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  2007-10-28 09:20:45
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