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  Topic: Marco...
  2006-10-31 14:30:58
Polo...? Anyone...?

Been kinda quiet around here lately, seems like everyone burned out after that one intense week of hectic posting. How is everyone? All good I hope. Just thought I'd check in. Went down to Hamilton for Waikato's World. Was a shame more of the Auckland kiddies couldn't make it down, just me, and Digital was in Hamilton too so he came along. Was good fun though. Not a huge roda, but good energy, and the Hamilton crew are always wicked fun to play with and chill with. Made my travelling from NP-Auckland/auckland-Hamilton/hamilton-auckland from friday to sunday worth it.

Well, don't forget to post everyone. See you round...on here...Welly Axé...Grey Lynn Fest...Mt Maunganui...wherever :)

  2006-11-10 20:42:06
ionolsen44 HI! I love this place!
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