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  Topic: Capoeira Books
  2006-11-03 23:53:59
This is cool -

Google has scanned books and can tell you which books contain keywords.

It can also show you the table of contents, first page, and a synopsis of the book!

Try this link for "berimbau":

http://www.google.com/books?q=berimbau&btnG=Sea rch+Books&as_brr=0

  2006-11-04 00:31:39
cher bro...
  2006-11-04 17:48:07

Mestre no on youtube plays good berimbau toques. good capoeira games on it to like joao pequeno playing in 1984 and others. I just hope your computer isn't slow like mine.
  2006-11-05 00:25:46
Have you tried a download manger or ripping the video?
  2006-11-05 08:29:57
Suassuana's berimbau sample on y-tube's wicked.
  2006-11-05 14:32:31

Please tell me where I can find that. I did a search on youtube under 'Suassuana' and no videos were found .
  2006-11-05 20:13:27
Try this... I dunno if it's the one you're talking about Besouro, but it's pretty cool.


I think it may have been a typo, try searching for Suassuna, as opposed to Suassuana :)

Hope that helps :P
  2006-11-05 22:13:38
Thank you Rastinha; I found it.

The music is very nice. I see on Wiki that he has four compact discs; I'd like to get one (or two...or four).
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