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  Topic: A ton of questions on starting out
  2007-01-06 22:33:49
Hey everyone!
After my happiness tantrum of finally finding some capoeira classess in New Zealand, I decided to take that step and join your classes. I'm 14, and I live in Christchurch. I have a few questions that would probably save me from busting in the studio looking like a complete idiot.

I did about half a year of Taekwondo a couple of months ago, I had to quit because the atmosphere was WAY too tense and there was no fun in it. But, except for kicks, some rolls, all that deadly ninja stuff... my greatest achievement in acrobatics still remains a cartwheel. Meaning no handstands or anything like that. It that still alright? I think I'm quite flexible and graceful (got on a sugar high and danced my friends a dance once, then heard the previous from their mums) I can learn some things quickly, but that might just be the sin of pride that isn't true at all.

What to wear? How to start classes? Is it ok if I miss a few sessions now and then due to me working and my boss being strict and not caring about my life outside work?

Finally, my most troubling question... how hard does everyone expect everyone to train physically? At taekwondo we had to basically be exhausted all the time, and it was boring. I dont mind being exhausted when I have the motivation to go on, like in say, games and dacing and non-pointless stuff! But the 100-pushups 100-situps 500-of-each-type-of-kick plus god knows how many punches marathon our instructor made us do once... no thanks...

Probably tons more questions to come, and sorry if my style of writing seems weird, I'm not a native English speaker and I'm a bit messed up, too ^^

Thanks for taking time to read this (for whatever reason)
  2007-01-07 20:11:32
well EMFY Goat, i can tell you from experence that you have nothing to worry about. i can tell you now that youll have heaps more fun playing capoeira than trying to beat your record for how many times you can kick thin air.... although, i think you will have to get use to kicking the air cos there aint no way im going to stand there to recieve it...lol.
  2007-01-08 11:23:33
Awesome, thanks a lot ^^

I think I'm actually gonna go to a class, because well, I dont see why I shouldnt.
You may see some of me on the... uh... some Monday or Wednesday. If thats ok. Also, I have to do some snooping around in Polytech beforehand to find the actual class.
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