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  Topic: What are these Blokes up 2
  2007-01-09 01:56:29
  2007-01-09 15:36:44
  2007-01-09 17:27:24
i think ill 2nd what Feiticeiro said.... gotta make you wonder.....
  2007-01-11 16:33:51
Thanks heaps for that link Mungunza. I've heard about this 'cousin' art Ladja before (like in 'Ring of Liberation') but that's the first time I've ever seen video of it. Unreal.
  2007-01-29 13:06:31
  2007-01-29 15:17:13
Food for thought feiticeiro.
Maybe folks from around NZ as part of Capoeira Pasifika could film their own versions what do ya reckon?
Then we could post our own version on the net.
Hey maybe if anyone from Capoeira Pasifika is tuning in from the other side of the world they could film something too.
  2007-01-29 19:19:22
I like the lady at the end. she was funny!!
  2007-02-01 11:55:02


Well, this one is a heart-breaking, really, ...

First of all, they used capoeira in a cigarette advertising (it's the biggest tobacco company in my country, high profile, big budget, huge advertising company, ... yadda yadda ... )

And, what's with the music ??? Apparently the music was dubbed by the ad company !!!

Oh btw, the bit about them playing with some bamboos played rhythmically on the ground was a "local touch" (based on traditional game). Mmm ... perhaps an addition to a sense of danger?

  2007-02-04 06:17:10
WoW, Moogz the video you posted... That's Capoeira!

Feiticeiro, (Awesome seeing you at Nectar). That was an 'out of it' response but seen all the same. Um... yeah... Said a lot... Well said ZigueZague.

Pianista (cool name by the way), Ahh, True? Don't know what to say on that one.

But ahh.. Getting back to what was being said, is... WoW, Moogz! The video you posted... That's Capoeira!
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