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  Topic: Capoeira Wanganui
  2007-12-18 12:35:02
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  2007-12-18 13:38:32
na dude not cool! Now it does feel like our hall has been tagged on
  2007-12-31 22:40:24
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  2007-12-31 22:40:25
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  2008-01-08 10:20:07
Anyone keen for a game 2mro night? I havnt played in a couple weeks and starting to get the itch!

Sticks I know your keen. Is Cole still around?
  2008-01-16 15:01:41
Oi putumuju
are you there?
  2008-01-23 19:07:02
feliz ano novo gente!

plan to start kids classes soon, here in Wangaz.At the usual spot for summer,sunshine only!

c u kids soon aow!


  2008-01-24 19:23:02
yea fets,wassup brother?
  2008-05-12 10:46:06
  2008-10-17 01:23:56
moshi moshi, I'm back from japan and back in wangas. I've got all mud at capoeira so keen to get back into it.

What's the go? Still on weds at the church?

chur to the chur
  2008-10-23 13:36:24
Hey Caipira

The Wangaz crew sortta died out bro. In the end there was only a couple of dudes playing and we were all beginners so our game didnt really go anywhere.

I think the other dudes are keen to keep playing though bro. Pop into Ryans cafe and have a chat to him about it. Or give me an email: matt (at) wrpho (dot) org.nz

Cheers bro
Matt - Whanganui a.k.a Laws-town
  2008-11-13 12:21:08

I'm moving to new zealand from england in a few months time and I'm gonna be in wanganui for a few weeks in mid january. I'd love to play a few games in wanganui when I get there... does anyone still play capoeira there?

  2008-11-13 19:39:03
hey guys, tis summer and im keen to oil the joints and bend my back again so if anyones keen to play lets meet up somewhere.
  2008-11-16 22:26:43
Im always keen. I think Ryan and Ann-Marie are still keen too. Anyone know where Jason is at?
  2008-11-30 16:52:45
oi matt, call in to ryans cafe on liverpool st, [ opp new world ] .He will tell you where i live.
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  2023-04-29 08:22:21
hellooooo anyone still in here???

Cole you still around? Jason your a Capoeira freak - lets have a game mate.

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