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  Topic: Help!!!!!
  2007-01-19 03:31:39
I'm gonna start Capoeira but what do you have to wear? and stuff like that and what do you have to call your teacher Sensei or master?And is this fun i want to kick my friends butt beacause she does Tai Jutsu! Someone help im lost!
  2007-01-19 09:33:51
Hey Naruto
First of all where will you be attending classes?
There isn't the same kind of formality (in terms of titles) in Capoeira Mandinga Aotearoa that you might have at other martial arts schools.
That said there are obviously certain protocols you will become familiar with through training. I doubt you will get your ass whipped for addressing someone wrongly (except for maybe Brabo "The Exhaulted One" ...... just kidding).
Attending training you should wear something like track suit pants and a t-shirt. Shorts are not really acceptable.
And finally yes Capoeira is fun!
  2007-01-21 21:09:10
word lucifer!!!
  2007-01-21 23:30:20
Amen to that
  Qi Hikari
  2007-01-22 00:08:06
Well you see, Capoeira is a afro-brazillian thing, and "sensei" is japanese. So the three dont really go together. It's dancing, not a ninja school))

It's cool to kick your friends butt but watch it if you get violent with anyone at capoeira though. Its just as much dance and games as it is fighting, after all. Have you ever tried to destroy someone by Tango? Same thing, only half different.
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