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  Topic: Miudinho and Benguela - whats the difference?
  2007-01-24 16:30:41
I know there are a few major styles of Capoeira, like Regional and Angola. But I have seen the names Miudinho and Benguela come up too.
Are they the same; or related or what???
And does Capoeira Pasifika Mandinga Aotearoa train in these too???
  2007-01-25 16:30:01
there's lots of different styles and rhythms in capoeira. miudinho and benguela are a couple that our group has been introduced to, funnily enough by 2 of the mestres who are arriving in 2 months time... M Marcelo and M Lobao.
Miudinho is something created by Marcelo's mestre Suassuna and is a fast short game with lots of playful jumping over and around of each other. maybe a terrible description but it seems like its been developing over the years. as CP capoeiristas we're supposed to know how to play it.
Benguela is one of M Lobao's specialities, and doing it with him last time he was here it seemd like its a fast upright game but with lots of dialogue, closer games. they've both got their own rhythms
  2007-01-26 09:28:36
For those that are interested in seeing what Miudinho looks like played beautifully check this link out on YouTube:

(thanks to Fet)
  Little helper
  2007-02-04 13:53:49
These deffinitions are courtesy of Wikipedia:


In many schools played extremely close and with much deception. Some schools play this as a slower, safer Regional game.
Toque (rhythm):
The basic: xxv.^.^.


Created by Mestre Suassuna. The game is like Angola, but faster. There is no singing. The toque sounds like a reverse Cavalaria.
Mestre Suassuna: "The game of miudinho is generating controversy because it is being misinterpreted. People are thinking it's a new capoeira, and it's nothing like that. I simply rescued an older capoeira, modernized the manner of playing it, changed the sequences... the name miudinho arose because I was observing that capoeiristas were playing very distant from each other and in our time we played very close; thus, I said to people, 'I want the game more minute, closer, play very tiny.' Then, I created a toque on the berimbau. Miudinho is not a new capoeira, it's a different manner to display capoeira. Just like the games of Iuna and S�o Bento Grande exist, the game of miudinho exists."

Toque key:

"v" = a low note (strike the arame with the dobr�o open and the caba�a away from the belly).
"^" = a high note (strike the arame with the dobr�o pressing firmly on the arame and the caba�a away from the belly).
"x" = a buzz (strike the arame with the dobr�o resting lightly on the arame and the caba�a against the belly).
"-" = a hammer (clicking the dobr�o against the arame without hitting)
"." = a rest (take no action, usually let any previous note ring through)
"|" has no value and is not played. It's used to help us keep our place in the music.
  2007-02-09 15:17:42
They're good descriptions of the games, Helper, thanks. It alway is and remains hard to *see* the difference with words. We will, I believe be doing these both at the Encounter this Easter. They are both dynamic games. I wouldn't say (& I know Helper wasn't saying this) that Banguela is safe though.

As Mestre Lob�o played in 2005, the Banguela was very much a Cord�o de Ouru type game... deceptive, fast, lots of entradas into things like bandas, vingativas, rasteira etc but always keeping the flow of the game going. There's heaps of expression and clear precise movements. My take on it is that like Miudinho there is an emphasis on the escape and counter attack. With Banguela though there is more standard ginga type movement with twirling up and down.

The way I introduce Miudinho has been to picture a low Angoleiro type game on the VCR with the fastforward button held down. There are heaps of the most difficult floor movements thrown in fast succession. You want to finish a game before you feel the lack of energy. It's a fast paced full throttle game that only lasts as long as you're able to keep that pace up. There is no contact in Miudinho, none. You don't want to lose any flow... which is more like a cascade than a stream.

Just a small alteration on the toque for Miudinho

  2007-02-10 12:27:41
Thursday's class was cool Brabo (and Tapioca). Miudinho is quickly becoming one of my favorite types of game to play, so it was a great welcome back class for me, hee hee. Looking forward to lots more in future :D
  2007-03-22 07:44:58
Brabo is right. I am from CDO and the way we play is very close to each other as well to the ground, in a very closed roda, like mestres say I should be able to play it in one-step-sized circle :) Basically it is fast game, or sometimes medium paced, has its own rhytm (well 3 different - one for entry, one for play and one for the resting time :)) The most important thing is to keep the flow of movement undisturbed, you don't hit anybody, the question is to dodge and contrattack without any delay or hesitation, it has to look like wild dance of two snakes entwining each other, no move is allowed to stop the game. When done by expeirenced capoeirstas and very, very close, it looks stunning!
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