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  Topic: The Encounter
  2007-01-24 16:49:02
I am new to Capoeira and I love it so far even though I feel like it's going to take ages until I am comfortable enough with the movements to feel like I am threat to anyone, or able to move in the beautiful way others do.
But I'm going to stick at it!
So is it really worth my while going to the encounter?
Would it be better if I waited until the next Encounter when I would have a better grasp of Capoeira?
  2007-01-24 17:00:11
Curious1! Yes you should Definitely go to this Encounter 07, it is a fantastic opportunity for you to experience, communicate and train with 3 Awesome Mestres/Masters of Capoeira, experienced students from all-over new Zealand and the world and ask any 'random' questions you may have over the 4 days. It is so worth it you'll be kicking yourself if you wait!

Cool, details of the camp and expenses will be posted on this site in a few days.

  2007-01-25 04:32:14
Go. By all means, Go. Going to my first encounter was what changed capoeira from being a random new hobby I was trying out to a way of life for me. You get the complete capoeira experience with the benefit of Mestres, for sure, but also, and in some ways more importantly, you get exposure to so many different types of people/playing styles that you can't NOT learn heaps and gain a better grasp of capoeira. Also, you get to experience first hand the awesome ax� and camaraderie that exists within the Capoeira Pasifika community, which you can't really describe to someone, and can't be experienced any other way.

In summary, there's a reason why Easter weekend is booked for most of us for as long as these events are going on:

Encounter = Unmissable
  2007-01-26 09:26:00
Thanks Narizinho & Rastinha!
I'll do my best to be there.
  2007-01-26 13:20:26
Definitely go. You�ll love Capoeira even more. I went 2 years ago with about 3 weeks training and a recent ligament construction� so you can imagine there was no way I could do the movements at all� I had difficulties to walk probably, so even a proper Ginga was out of question�despite that I went and it was the best time ever.
Fantastic people, good spirit, good food and really good Capoeira and even so I watched a lot (knee again) you just get caught by the Energy being around all the time.
  2007-01-26 14:20:22
Wow this is starting to sound more and more like I can't miss it.
Are there many other beginners that attend these events though?
Thanks Xiquinha
  2007-01-26 16:56:19
Yes and there will be classes that cater to all levels.
  2007-01-26 19:40:22
i'm a beginner and i'm definately going, after this thread anyway *grin*
  2007-02-02 15:58:03
just a reminder - date for early-bird deposits are due by Waitangi Day, which means you have till Monday to get in if you want the 20% discount. Don't have the cash? borrow it!

all price details on the events page
  2007-02-02 18:15:59
I'll add a "definitely go" to the others, but also a bit of advice: Try to up your fitness (cardio AND power) as much as possible before you go, and you'll gain so much more from the workshops and associated activities (hot pools!)
  2007-02-04 17:59:44
2 Mestres and a Mestra, representing Capoeira Mandinga - our parent group and Grupo Besouro Manganga

workshops in capoeira, rodas, classes in samba, maculele, instrument making, and other associated arts. Also classes Maori cultural forms such as maurakau

and good food, marae accomodation and hot pools

you can save up to 70 paying a deposit tomorrow
  2007-02-13 18:37:48
aw man... im so going!!! (Save, Save, Save)
  2007-02-13 18:39:25
!!!!dias eh tahW
  Official dude
  2007-02-15 09:13:35
Make sure you take advantage of the 50% OFF draw.
If you pay up before the end of February 07 you will go into the draw to win 50% of your ticket price back.
Imagine that! All the good shit for half price.
Damn that can't be beat.
But get in fast cause there is only one winner and there ain't too much february left!!!!!

p.s. Judging by peoples slackness of waiting till right up to the start of the Encounter to pay the odds are pretty damn good for anyone who enters this promotion.
  2007-02-23 13:41:44
in case people haven't heard the news but Marcelo is bringing three of his top students with him to the Encounter. They're not just students but instructors in their own right and very good! It's going to add heaps to the whole event - it's going to be more like an 'Encounter' - in the sense that in other countries you get a lot of visitors from other groups to these things, which is harder for us to get - it really adds to the vibe

also, its different meeting capoeiristas who are amazing but not mestres themselves (yet). Mestres are on a cloud above us which is hard to relate to, they have their own rules. With the students, they're on a different level but there's a possibility we might get there... We don't have students of this level here in our group.
  2007-02-23 21:20:15
I can vouch for that, I have only met one of the students who will be coming out, Malandro, he is a really nice guy as well as being an accomplished capoerista.
  2007-02-27 15:31:50
full details are up at last!

  2007-02-28 22:58:27
Wicked...that was some awesome information there...It's looking good! Getting excited now man, and it's getting close. It's gonna be so wicked having all those uber-experienced people there just oozing knowledge on the matter.

I've never met Marcelo before, but have heard a lot of good things about his knowledge and teaching. I was, however, at Encounter '05 with Lobao last time, and that was really cool! He's such a nice guy, and while I'd only just started Capoeira, I remember him having such a cool vibe...loads of energy...and his singing was awesome. Really brought the roda to life that guy.

And it was really fun watching the whole puxada de rede thing and stuff too...Looked like it would've been fun to do too if I hadn't been too shy and worried it might be something like Samba was, lol.

Anyhoo...hope everyone else is getting excited, training hard, sorting travel, rounding up that cash to pay for the rest of it etc. cos it'd suck to miss it and I hope to see all of you there!

  2007-03-05 13:36:12
a note about marcelo's students coming to easter encounter

2023-03-03 12:09:16 I have heard that three of Marcelo's students are coming over for the Encounter including (but not limited to) Malandro and Kakara (batteries not included).
I met these guys in Berkeley Calif. a few years back when I visited Marcelo's academy.
They are generous and fun people and their capoeira is excellent, seriously excellent. Regardless of the graphic difference in style between Aotearoa's Mandinga branch and Head Office I think it's worth saying that top level practitioners of any art are inspiring and maybe worthwhile taking the time to get to know because in the end it's all good.

Anyway Tucano actually put me up to this, I didn't want to say anything but he threatened to take up contemporary dance if I didn't do a 'sell' for the encounter.

Peace Off.

The Capoeirista formerly known as 'Gambi"

mrs smith
2023-03-04 16:29:02 thanks ex-Gambi

Instrutor Malandro:


http://youtube.co m/watch?v=tGB9iJoV8AI

  2007-03-05 13:59:11
any event based around capoeira has got to be good for you, if you want to learn, improve or live capoeira then the encounter is the place to be. At the Kids capoeira camp in march i saw that the kids capoeira shine, with in only a weekend of training and being around so many awesome experienced adult capoeira students, there knowledge and awareness was amasing!
  2007-03-05 14:04:06
not only that....they saw were they could be! and what they could achive. At events like these so many people want to shear their experience with you, help you get the movements, so we can all play capoeira.

What i enjoy about the mestres is there well of knowledge and wisedom, they show the magic of capoeira.
  2007-03-05 18:44:13
Well put Narizinho...Very well put. I concur :P.
  2007-03-06 14:07:01
you crack me up sis! chur
  2007-03-06 14:38:31
i have to agree with the girls on this one, and their wisedom....wisdom...hahaha... the encounters, workshops and camps are an awsome way to share the ax� and to see how good games develop and more importantly, how to equiva the tricky takedowns.... i know I've learnt a lot watching, and then playing... and im sure anyone new to capoeira will learn a thing or two...
  2007-03-06 15:23:48
Or 40

tee hee
  2007-03-08 13:58:01
LOBAO on standby

M. Marcelo and M. Sorriso definitely booked and on their way as we speak, with up to 2 senior students

At this present moment we don't have the pre-bookings to justify a third Mestre - you can change this. The Encounter is recommended for capoeiristas of all levels, it will definitely push you in many places, and is a once-in-a-year (if not a lifetime) opportunity. If we can bring M. Lobao it will actually be the biggest Encounter ever held in NZ in terms of numbers of teachers and Mestres.

I know we generally work on a relaxed time schedule but please book if you know you are coming and are able, and if undecided I recommend you have a go!

details are up on http://www.capoeira.org.nz/index.php/view/events/item/38

contact Bex at [email protected] for bookings and more information.
  2007-03-08 14:37:10
Register! By all means Register! It will be the greatest decision you ever make! You don't really need those new shoes, or that trampoline, or that bike or whatever else you wanna use the money for...What you really need is a nice big slurp from the fountain of knowledge that flows at encounter...Your capoeira and future self will thank you...

And it goes without saying that Lobao is awesome...

</end rant>
  Mestre Marcelo
  2007-03-09 15:19:22
How are you all doing? Are you exited about the up coming event?!!!

If not you better be because I have some great training to give to you all. For once I have to tell you to start getting in shape right now for some of the new training we have been doing here is very demanding (but possible) to anyone and it will help you in ways that you could never imagine or train otherwise. Also I will be teaching sequencia Maneira and a new sequ�ncia that we have been training here called sequencia Ligeira which is the best sequ�ncia ever invented in capoeira and I am not kidding!!!

I also want to announce that I have a great surprise that I am bringing with me to New Zealand that will make this a historic event.
Take care and I hope to see all of you there.

Mestre Marcelo
  2007-03-09 16:34:00
Round is a shape right?

Anyhoo, awesome! Sequencia Ligeira...Sounds intense, but exciting!

And I love surprises :D
  2007-03-09 19:36:51
yes, round is a shape, but im more of the "out of" kind..... instead on the "in" kinds... wow, so many possible shapes.... oooo, this sounds like we are going to be paying money to be in alot of hurt.... and we are going to love it... does that mean that capoeira players have an affinity to be sadistic?...or even masochistic? .... or am i the only one..? hehehe, either way, i cant wait... BRING ON THE PAIN!!! wooohoo
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