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  Topic: Recent visit
  2007-01-26 01:00:22
Hey, my names Liong I'm a Kiwi capoeirista from London.
I visited your group in Auckland at St Pauls College
I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the warm and friendly welcome I received.
If any of you find yourselves in London please feel free to visit our Group, Ginga de Quilombo. We are based in East London
our website is www.londoncapoeira.com
thanks again and I hope to see some of you soon.
  2007-01-26 03:53:59
I can come and visit you sometime if you like Liong. I live in East London and so cool to know the reputation of the group can spread to the otherside of the globe to folks in your own neighbourhood.

Cher Aotearoa.
  2007-01-26 09:21:40
Hey Liong it was nice to meet you (I introduced myself as Crispin to you) for as brief as it was. Thanks for extending the invitation and when I am in your neck of the woods I'll look your school up. Always a pleasure to have good Capoeiristas visiting it ads to richness of any class or Roda.
Thats the unique thing about Capoeira it's a global community. Especially with the likes of Capoeira Pasifika Mandinga.
What to you too Mungunza! I should over your way in April.

  2007-01-29 00:23:08
Hey, i knew a Crispin once....although, i didnt call him Lucifer, i called him Gumby.... although.... i gotta say, i think he was a Crispin
  2007-01-29 04:08:25
"What [up] to you too Mungunza! I [be] should over your way in April."
  2007-01-29 04:10:31
"What [up] to you too Mungunza! I should [be] over your way in April."

(Ha ha third time lucky!)
  2007-01-29 18:47:03
Ok Lucifer, mail me stuff and lets hook up while you're here in Town. I think Naomi from Wellington is supposed to be here around that time as well.

Just as well the Grammer Police isn't around at the moment, I think he has given up on me. Talk soon you got my email right? it's the same.

  Grammar Police
  2007-01-30 02:49:53
My name is spelt wrong in the above message.

<end transmission>
  2007-01-30 08:42:34
Cool that would good to hook up Mungunza.

Isn't it outside Grammar Police juresdiction to correct spelling?
  Spelling Police
  2007-01-30 10:13:15
Sorry, I was off duty
  2007-01-30 10:24:27
Coffee & donut time huh?!
  2007-01-30 12:47:26
  2007-01-30 14:18:01
Indeed, I will be landing in ole London town 28th Feb and will be flitting about the country for a while. I will come and look you up Mungunza. :)
  2007-01-30 22:06:13
OK have you guys got my email address?

Yeah, I'll leave it the Grammer Police to sort things out. That's his job right?

Please email me and let me know what you're moments are likely to be like? Unfortunately London can be a bit busy sometimes, although I try to avoid that as much as possible.

  2007-02-04 06:03:37
Lol!!! Re: The last reference to Gra[n]mar police.

As you're saying Moogz... And yourself Liong... London's easy. Just buy a bike and live in North East London.
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