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  Topic: What is Capoeira to you? (Take 2)
  2007-02-16 09:29:27
Hey guys,

Cleared up the spam, blocked the other thread, and started a new one incase anyone had thoughts to share but couldn�t face all them fairies at once...

I also thought, perhaps, if there are any beginners out there who�ve been doing the beginners block courses in Auckland, or started recently in other centers, maybe you�d like to share your opinions on what Capoeira is to you at this stage? Obviously there would be some differences between your perspectives and those of the capoeiristas who've been playing for much longer..So I think it would be interesting to see what you guys are thinking of this whole capoeira thing. I guess that would also give us an idea of how it's being presented to you all, cos we all know what we ourselves think of it, but beginners' perspectives are often quite different, and it's hard to tell what kind of idea of capoeira is being sent to you guys, from us guys...Does that make sense? Sorry, my england skills have diminished a touch in the last month...I apologise for the bad grammar, if there is any...I can't even tell, haha. Shibby. Well, feel free to post thoughts, anyone and everyone...hopefully safe from evil net fairies at least for a little while!

  2007-02-16 10:52:53
Thanks Rastinha - your effort is much appreciated :)
  2007-02-16 16:26:06
Nada :)

Also, I meant to add, it'll be cool to come back and read your thoughts in a year or two, to see how things have changed :P

  2007-02-22 17:15:25
Hey, have there ever been any actual fighting tournaments of Capoeira in nz? if not, will there be? I think it would be good to experience real fighting using capoeira only rules (maybe using protective gear too) to get a better feel of what it is we are learning while playing.
  2007-02-26 22:42:46
Hey Ethan,
No offence intended, but comments and questions like that tend to make some of us laugh. (it's a common question though)
Reason being is that it is typical for people (martial artists) to see capoeira solely in a martial art and fighting perspective. But to many of us who practice, capoeira is more than this... it's more than a martial art or a fight, and there is certainly more to martial arts than using techniques to defeat your opponent or people, or even competing for that matter.
Especially within capoeira, where making a comrade out of your opponent could make you both victorious. A saying we have " do um aperto de mau" (it creates an open hand... a handshake)
As for tournaments... nah i doubt there have ever been any tournaments, and its unlikely there will be any.
It's too much out of context to put capoeira as a fighting tournament, and it would probably only destroy the elegance of this art form., not to mention leave serious casulties like broken limbs (maybe even dislocations lol) and all for the sake of proclaiming an individual victorious over the rest. It would lose the sense of excitement, tension and danger that we have when we PLAY capoeira, and replace it with violence, ego and chaos and would be way too serious in competition ways...

In a capoeira ring (roda) its possible to see a little kid with the ability to outplay even a master... I doubt there could even be a possibility of seeing that in a fighting tournament.

My suggestion would be to do some more research on capoeira through training and learning from a mestre or good instructor to build foundations of understanding to capoeira. You may come to discover some really cool things.
  2007-02-26 23:18:20
Well said :)

What he says is very true, Ethan...One of the first things you learn as you start to really train in capoeira is just how much there really is to learn...And often just how different it is to your first impression. First impressions are not always wrong, just that there is usually so much more to it than you first expected I guess.

While it does have a martial aspect to it, the lessons capoeira teaches are from a somewhat different perspective to other martial arts, even though they may be similar, or the same, lessons. The important thing to remember is that all the other aspects of capoeira are equally important, and without any given one, it's not capoeira. The movements are movements, and they all have their place, function, history and philosophy behind them...But if you take away the history and philosophy, you're left with movements that could easily be found in another art form/martial art...not capoeira.

These are just my thoughts, don't feel put off by the wafflyness or anything. Research and training are good advice to follow, cos with capoeira historical and cultural context contribute a lot to one's understanding of it. Wicked.

  2007-02-27 16:11:52
Cheers. I've been learning Capoeira in New Plymouth for 6 or 7 weeks? and enjoy it- I asked that because I've seen a few videos of Capoeiristas fighting in controlled environments and was just wondering if it was common. Thanks
  2007-03-02 11:39:21
(Stands up and claps like a clapper man) yeah... i loved what you said Feiticeiro, that is soooo true, and im clapping foe ethan, cos he had the grapefruit to ask the question... thats the one ethan, question, and when you think you know it all, question some more..
  2007-03-02 13:40:31
foe=for.... sticky keyboard.
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