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  Topic: Soundsplash 07 weekend
  2007-02-26 15:20:57
A MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who came along to Raglan for the weekend to help out with the demo at the school and the performances and workshop at Soundsplash. Apart from one lost wallet, one snapped fan belt, one dead battery, and one dislocated elbow it was an absolutely splendid weekend. Here are some pics:


Everyone put in a great effort especially Feiticeiro who, on day one, had to make a quick trip back to H-town (with a little help from an ambulance, a gas bottle and Arco Iris) to get his bones yanked back into place. EEEEAAAAAAAiiiiiiii (footage soon to be broadcast on you tube). He returned to us only a couple of hours later, mojo intact (heheh!!!), to enjoy the rest of the weekend; soaking up good music, eating fine hippy food and hanging at the beach.

What we learnt: Ra looks great with a purple handbag and Brabo needs a mandbag.

A special thanks to our friends Ringi and Pono, and your mum, for coming along on Friday (you guys made it extra cool) and of course to Brabo for not losing his keys.

Amanhecer and I will be teaching a class in Raglan from Thursday on so please come by if you ever can.

Cheers and aroha
  2007-02-26 16:53:46
Yep, it was pretty much a pretty awesome weekend. Pretty much.

  2007-02-26 17:19:01
But to respond in a more productive manner...Yeah man, it really was a great weekend, bar the few mishaps, and almost dying from the cold once the sun went down at night, lol. It was a really awesome summery weekend for me though, cos now I don't feel like I've missed out on all of summer. And Raglan has a great vibe! Good weather, good people, muito ax�...Doesn't get any better than that. Muito respeto to Feits for coming back, was great to have you there contributing ax� with your one handed atabaque playing, hehe.

And Jen & Joe, your house is awesome! Thanks so much for putting us all up, and putting up with us all, for two nights, it was awesome. And thanks for the food and everything else too! Oh, and for Iemaj� of course, man she's gorgeous!

Here are my photos:

Wicked weekend, had a great time, won't forget it!

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