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  Topic: 3 crazy guys
  2007-03-03 11:51:21
a note about marcelo's students coming to easter encounter
  2007-03-03 12:09:16
I have heard that three of Marcelo's students are coming over for the Encounter including (but not limited to) Malandro and Kakara (batteries not included).
I met these guys in Berkeley Calif. a few years back when I visited Marcelo's academy.
They are generous and fun people and their capoeira is excellent, seriously excellent. Regardless of the graphic difference in style between Aotearoa's Mandinga branch and Head Office I think it's worth saying that top level practitioners of any art are inspiring and maybe worthwhile taking the time to get to know because in the end it's all good.

Anyway Tucano actually put me up to this, I didn't want to say anything but he threatened to take up contemporary dance if I didn't do a 'sell' for the encounter.

Peace Off.

The Capoeirista formerly known as 'Gambi"
  mrs smith
  2007-03-04 16:29:02
thanks ex-Gambi

Instrutor Malandro:


http://youtube.co m/watch?v=tGB9iJoV8AI

  2007-03-04 21:14:29
Hey, you'll always be Gambi to me....
  2007-03-06 16:02:16
should say that the 3 students aren't confirmed right at this moment. We have good reason to believe that there will be 3 senior students of Marcelo's coming and we have a pretty good idea of who they probably will be but things do change at times
  2007-03-07 00:37:20
Hey thanks "formerly known as 'Gambi' "

You've once again done a great favour for contemporary dance.

Phew... Close call!

  2007-03-12 14:26:53
Brabo reckons malandro isn't going to be there now.

You people have certainly decided to focus on the pressing issue have't you. The naming and shaming of the capoeirista formerly known as Gambi.

My first capoeira name was Pinta Grava, ask Grant what that means.
  2007-03-12 14:30:45
Actually a whole other thought: Marcelo reckons he is bringing something that will make this a historic encounter,. I'm just wondering if he is bringing Brabo's mestre cordao.........?
  Watch your mouth
  2007-03-12 15:30:57
Now that would be historic; especially considering Brabos just had his birthday and now qualifies as pre-historic. He he!
  2007-03-12 19:02:40
hehehe, you guys will always crack me up... and the reason you will always be "Gambi" to me, is cos thats how i know you.... that... and you wanted to call me "Bengala".... something about an old man who walks around with a stick...um ...something like that...just cos i had crutches and then a big walking stick.... shesh...anyway ... i think Gambi is cool... him and his taffy horse...
  Mrs Smith
  2007-03-13 15:23:38
no Malandro might not be able to make it - but there's 2 other senior students who are pretty sure they're coming

the more deposits we have the more likely people like Malandro will make it

Leao - that's true but unfortunately nothing can save contemporary dance. And if you spent the same time actually playing capoeira rather than talking on the forum you'd be as good as Malandro...
  2007-03-13 15:35:49
Ai yi yi
  2007-04-10 02:05:11
"2007-03-12 14:30:45 Actually a whole other thought: Marcelo reckons he is bringing something that will make this a historic encounter,. I'm just wondering if he is bringing Brabo's mestre cordao.........? "
So was I fucken right or what?
  Mrs Smith
  2007-04-10 10:04:24
you were o so right... how did you know?
  just wondring
  2007-04-10 10:33:59
is it necessary to swear to make your point? especially on a public forum?
  2007-04-10 21:56:16
Hey 'just wondring'
You see I used that naughty swear word in exuberance and happiness for Brabo as much as making a point. & I'll use whatever language I want, after all everyone who isn't a prude or a god botherer tends to use this language in public all the time.
Fuck Yeah!
  just wondring
  2007-04-11 08:19:44
using swear words in exuberance is understandable. can you substantiate your generalization about people swearing in public all the time?
  2007-04-14 09:13:38
Actually I come to think of it I can't! I have only ever heard someone swear once i my life. It was when a farmer drove a truck into a pigs face.
Anyways just wondring, I'll never say Fuck Off Noddy again. In public.
  just wondring
  2007-04-16 12:23:54
Using explicatives, even in humour, on a public forum is not wise and your behaviour contradicts your statement.
  Mr M, Read
  2007-04-16 12:52:15
Oh look now what you have gone and done.... your mother's upset now!!!!!!
  just wondring
  2007-04-16 16:13:52
how do you derive emotion from the previous statement?
  2007-04-17 08:43:33
Fuck you just wondring
  mrs smith
  2007-04-17 13:47:17
give it up smith! you're not going to win any points that way
  just wondring
  2007-04-17 15:19:28
mrs smith thank you for your interjection. please allow me me to go first: I give up, and shall depart.
  Ur mum
  2007-06-19 16:10:38
Zum, Zum, Zum capoeira mata um
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