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  Topic: Kids Capoeira Camp
  2007-03-05 13:49:04
oi! the kids camp was awesome, it was great to see so many enthusiastic youth, parents, and helpers. big ups to you all that made it to this the camp! We had about 20 kids all up training and playing....with great smiles and malicia on there faces and in there games. Bro they are good to! so watch out Cole is trainning the best!
  2007-03-05 16:19:42
yes, and a big ups to brabo for coming down and giving the kids your time and patience, and for telling us that "Brabo" means beautiful etc,etc,....(insert tui ad here).. yeah right. thanks heaps to Feiticeiro, for sharing the ax� and keeping us happy with the coffees and teas. FAI( for anyones information ), my email is shadowsinheaven (at) yahoo (dot) com, and my mobile is 021 (yay vodafone) 2096575... please keep your stalking to a minimum, as i have 4 already...hahaha. um well... thats all from me for now, until i can think of other cool things to say.

  2007-03-05 20:07:51
Yeah man, this weekend was so awesome! I had such a great time, thanks to everyone involved (and thanks to Brabo and Narizinho for letting me come down to help out at the last minute). It was really amazing to see just how much the kids' capoeira improved over the weekend...Seeing them escape and use the Meia Lua-Ponteira and Negativa-Role Afora combinations and everything in the games by the end of it was so cool. Really awesome to watch.

Big thanks to everyone who helped out with the cordoes on friday night/morning...Those of you who learned how to make em, practice at home, hehe, you'll be very valuable people at future events such as these...And yeah, thanks Feiticeiro for being so nice and getting people drinks and stuff...but mostly for giving us all your ax� despite having to be on the sideline (read: atabaque/kettle) the whole time. You're a trooper :)

Nice work Narizinho and Putumuju on getting this thing together, it's a wicked idea, and I think it was extremely apparent how much the kids enjoyed it, and how much they got out of it. It was a fantastic weekend...Cool kids, cool grown ups, cool weather, cool marae...Oh and COOL FOOD...Thanks to Charlotte and Ati for the AWESOME food...I love capoeira camp food, always makes me feel so healthy and they always do Vege so well :P.

And last but by no means least...Thanks so much to all the kids! You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work with training, I'm sure you'll all kick my butt next time I see you. Congrats on the Batizado, they were all really good games. And thanks especially for all guessing my age at an average of 14 for the weekend, haha! It's always nice to feel like one of the kids...Must be my childlike disposition, haha. Anyhoo, yeah...Wicked! Here's my photos:


~Ra stinha/Hannah~
  2007-03-05 23:29:40
Cool photos Rastinha.

The camp was great. It was so nice to be among the kids. It was so nice to play you all and it was great to see the games develop over the weekend. This was the first and it was fantastic thanks to your energy, hard training, dish washing skills, singing and cheeky carryings-on.

The rest of the post I wrote I couldn't send but I'm working on figuring out why. Hopefully I'll be able to put it up later!
  2007-03-05 23:30:46
Thanks Ati for the whai korero. And thanks to you and Charlotte for the awesome kai. I know the kids had a bit of a hard time getting those veges down on the first night but after that breakfast, lunch and dinner it was not only healthy eating but but kids lining up for seconds.
  2007-03-05 23:31:20
Big congrats to Putumuju, Salgado and Clo for your kids' capoeira and thanks to the Auckland kids who showing that despite having a lazy teacher your capoeira can still blossom and thrive!
  2007-03-05 23:35:11
It was great to have parents there. Thanks for your help and thanks for encouraging your children. THanks too to the parents who weren't there but who let us have your children for the weekend. They had a great time.
  2007-03-05 23:36:41
Finally I want to thank Narizinho for all the hard work to get it going, for making sure it happened the way it did and putting up with the frustrating times that comes with such a job.
  2007-03-06 14:06:04
  2007-03-21 10:50:12
mully tragnificent to see you all here in wanga-whanga.we hope you all enjoyed your time here with us as we enjoyed having you guys.Now the kids understand all this fuss about creating energy and playing with each other and not against each other.thanx so much to the cooks,char and ati,funny how i feel so much lighter after a capoeira encounter,hmmm? to my good friend fets,bro i feel your pain and know how hard it was for you to be restricted to watching,thanx for coming anyway bro.Brabo,i think i have a few kids here that just idolise you much the same way how fets did when he started out! you the man!Bex,great job girl!without you could this camp have been possible? i think not.to all the teachers in other areas and to all the kids,you were all awesome and thankyou for showing your talents here in wanga-whanga,im sure all the locals and boy racers enjoyed the entertainment.
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