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  Topic: gathering some intell
  2007-03-11 23:14:13
Hi all , I m a capoeirista from Europe , Belgium to be more precise . I've been travelling across australia for a while , and though nature is a big thing for me , capoeira is even bigger . I 'dd be very interested in training with you all , but have absolutely no info on where to start in NZ , course wise that is . I've read everything on the site , with the exeption of the forums ( sorry , you guys are just too darn chatty :-) ) and was wondering if somebody could spare a tip or two for a not so old capoeira .Then again . Not too young either . Wait , what was I saying again ? Never mind .

big smile , cu in the roda ?

vamos vadiar !

  2007-03-12 07:30:45
Where in NZ are you staying while you are here?
Capoeira Pasifika Mandinga has classes in most NZ cites.
  2007-03-12 09:03:59
chatty huh...yep, thats us...hhehehe...opps hang on, i think ill claim that for myself....with a few exceptions for the ones who can type a novel...

compasso, if you start in auckland, you could do a road trip to most of our major centres and youll be able to find someone who will jogo with you.... justnote down when we have classes and in what centre, at the same time you will be here... btw... when will you be visiting our wonderful country..?
  2007-03-13 05:44:56
hey guys , thanks for the reply's already !
I'm thinking about coming over round newyear , maybe sooner , I'm still working see , but all of this work and no frikking play makes jack a dull garoto ! So could be sooner . If I was to be forced at gunpoint by members such as yourself to declare a date , I'dd say round september-november . But Idd probly be lying ... :-)
Anyhoo , That's kindof what I was asking , how big is that wonderful coutry of yours anyway ? Is it indeed possible to do the daytrips or is it going to be like Australia , reeeeee- effing- diculously huge ?
Also , do any of you have favorite spots to hang out , or be all one with nature or just tour ?
Also , though I have already googled it and wikipediad the weather , Could you let me know some stats on the temperature there ? In Auckland that is ? I mean not specifically in centigrades just in " t-shirt" , " t with a sweater " " sweater and a jumper and three inuit made pairs of socks ? "
You know ? :-)
Thanks for the help guys , forgive my cooky nature :-)

  2007-03-15 04:37:31
no takers ? hot ? cold ? sunny ?
  2007-03-19 14:06:29

I'm not as chatty as others, Compasso, sorry about that :-)

Plus, ik spreek geen Vlaams, het spijt me. But to answer your question, put it simply, het is wisselvallig. In Auckland, you could go out in the morning in a T-shirt and shorts, and then suddenly it's raining with some gusts. Geen paniek, no need of three inuit-made pairs of sock, tho' :-)

The country itself is just the right size (my way of saying, "not that big"), lots of cool places is do-able on daytrips (the beauty of travelling down here), and definetely MUCH more interesting to explore than Australia (my apology for you Aussies ... hey, I lived in Melbourne once if that's any consolation).

The nature is exactly why I came, and tramping on South Island is a must. Do all the Great Walks of NZ and I guarantee you will thank yourself for coming here!

Tot ziens.

  2007-03-20 03:39:26

*whispers* waaaaaittaminnit .... That WAS Flemish !
Hey pianista , you either have a helluva translator bot up your sleeves or you are Dutch or a Belgie yourself ! I'm guessing the latter , seeing as how you knew we speak flemish , not dutch :-)
Thanks for the info ; I 'm counting the days already , which is a bit of a mission because I haven' got a departing date yet but hey , details , details :-)

ax� , and tips are still welcome ! :-)
  2007-03-20 14:34:29

Het is niks, graag gedaan, mijn Vlaams is niet zo goed :-)

  2007-03-21 00:21:58
Pianista says, "I'm neither, god dammit, my Flem is not so good." ...my try at translating Pianistas Flemisms.
  2007-03-21 03:24:13
Hehe ,

so "you're welcome " translates to " god dammit "?

Hate to see what I love you means :-)

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