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  Topic: Close Encounters of the Auckland kind
  2007-03-27 17:34:47
For those of you not already in the know:
This Thursday 29th March we have some very special guests coming to class at the St. Pauls hall. Mestra Sorisso and Benegala from Capoeira Mandinga USA.
If you are in Auckland make sure you make it along to this class!
  2007-03-27 22:13:45
...funny enough, as events unfold, i will be finding myself up there, so i cant wait to catch up with the auckland crew, and Mestra Sorisso and Benegala, cheers for the heads up, and ill see you all there.

  2007-03-30 08:54:33
So good to see such a big turn-out for the class last night (taken by Mestra Sorriso). Real nice seeing Capoeiristas who had dissappeared from the regular classes. It's amazing to see what a visiting Mestra will pull out of the woodwork!
Very nice class though.... many thanks to Mestra Sorriso. The movements practiced seemed to compliment the Angola game as much as they do the Regional.
Very nice warm up to the Encounter.


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