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  Topic: you tube
  2007-04-02 20:10:41
Anyone thought of putting a clip on you tube? It would be cool to see capoeira pasifika repersenting to the world. I like to think our capoeira is quite beautiful. Anyone?
  2007-04-02 20:11:54
muito axe camara pra easter encounter.
  rough diamond
  2007-04-13 14:46:01
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpR rg2wHrIs
  2007-04-13 22:36:18
you needed to take out the space.....
  2007-04-16 16:02:48
this is even more awesome than break-danciing transformers
  2007-05-09 18:15:28
Wow! my homey Bodinho just forwarded these to me. A couple of old capoeira videos on youtube. inspiring!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWb-8pDzxko&mode=related&am; p;search

  2007-05-10 15:28:05
ok guys, i thought id add my 5 cents worth with this clip... once again, beware of men in yellow shirts....


  2007-05-17 12:32:47
some fresh ag'ya moves from martinique. hot new moves for the dancefloor.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rl4CEEse_fI&mode=related&a; mp;search
  2007-05-29 12:50:36
A lesson to be learned here( a painful one at that!):

  2007-05-29 13:24:08
and the remix...

  2007-05-29 13:25:28
oh wait, heres the even better remix

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATCfyo9iho8&mode=related&sea rch=
  2007-05-29 13:58:25
Ok this one is unrelated to Capoeira but at least its NZ related:

  2007-08-10 08:18:49
Hello, Your site is great. Regards, Valintino Guxxi
  2007-08-11 07:55:26
Hey, check this out... What not 2 do in a roda...lol. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7050582697069082113&q=chicago+murray
  2007-08-19 22:59:29
Hey all, if anyone's interested in seeing it, I made a short documentary about capoeira/our group for a course I was doing (and as a test run for the doco Labareda and I are putting together...slowly). Um, this version isn't the greatest quality cos I accidentally compressed the audio too, so the sound quality is crap, but it might be ok to watch and I'm working on getting a better version up there soon. I hope. Well, enjoy, hope you like it.. .And I apologise for the voice over, haha... but that's what you get when you can't pay your voice over person (/self). Wicked, feel free to post comments... We should get more CMA onto youtube :)

  2007-08-20 15:54:51
Ooh, ok, go to this link instead:


That one has better sound, I've removed the other one :)
  2007-08-22 21:32:36

I'm starting to upload some of the footage I've got, so here's my account if you wanna check back on occasion to see if I've uploaded more stuff:


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