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  Topic: Systema (Russian martial arts) seminar in Wgtn.
  2007-04-03 21:26:21
Hi all,

I hope that this won't be taken as spam, but I'd like to let the NZ Capoeira community know about a Systema (Russian martial arts) seminar happening in Porirua, about 20 minutes drive from Wellington.

Having practiced both Capoeira and Systema I've been struck by several strong parallels between the two arts, although they look very different indeed. Both are "free" styles that value improvisation rather than set drills and kata. Both place a strong emphasis upon creativity and natural movement. Also, both Capoeira and Systema are often practiced in a disciplined but informal atmosphere, rather than the quasi-militaristic protocols of many Asian martial arts.

Anyway, if anyone would like to do a bit of cross-training or just experience something new and different in the martial arts sphere, please check out our seminar website at http://groups.myspace.com/SystemaSeminar .


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