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  Topic: Which type?
  2007-04-07 22:48:35
Hey, guys I used to to martial arts (Karate, kung fu and kendo) but I gave up and did parkour/ free running now I'm looking for a martial arts that envolves alot of jumping/evading and what not but I don't know any so here's my question: What's a good type of martial art to learn that would have what I need to learn?
  2007-04-08 21:01:33
  2007-04-09 00:26:38
It isn't taught in Invercargill otherwise I wouldnt be on here asking about a diff style......
  2007-04-09 23:08:03
have you tried tae kwon do?
  2007-04-09 23:16:09
it involves alot of high jumping kicks, not too many evading techniques though. might be worth a look.
  2007-04-12 08:36:51
Hi K,

This link returned three results:

http://www.finda.co.nz/business/ac/invercargill-districts/martial-arts/< br>
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