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  2007-04-10 12:39:47
I just wanna say congrats to Mestre Brabo. its been along road, but you've finally got there, and we are all so proud of you. big ups to Mestre Marcelo, Mestre Sorriso and Contra Mestre Bengala for coming out to new zealand and sharing their knowledge and axe with us, its been a event to remember. much love to all our Mestres, may you all have safe journeys home. Obrigado!!!
  2007-04-10 21:39:24
Yeah Mestre Brabo.
Does that mean he is the first New Zealand born Mestre?
Even if that ain't the case thats an amazing achievement!
Muito Axe
  2007-04-10 23:44:24

Couldn't say it better than Ra did.

Although I dislocated my shoulder just before I went and thus couldn't do much, I still gain a lot of knowledge and understanding, and learn new skills. Thank you to our Mestres for being so generous in sharing their experiences with us.

Thank you Mestre Marcelo, for giving me a new name (my name from Mestre Marcelo is 'Sympatica'). I feel so honored and touched. Thank you, Mestre.

Thank you Mestra Sorriso, for giving me lots of good advices and being so patience with me.

Thank you Contra Mestre Bengala, for all the kind words and encouragements, from day one.

Thank you Mestre Brabo for being so kind and supportive, and never holding back in teaching us all these years. You have been working very hard to build CP Mandinga, and I'm so proud of you and of our school, and honored to be a part of CP Mandinga family.

Thank you for each and everyone of you who had come to EE07 and made the axe happen ... you are all beautiful people !!!

Thank you to Narizinho and everyone else who worked very hard to organize the EE07.

Easter Encounter '07 rocks !!!

Muito Axe.

  2007-04-11 00:09:55
Yeah I made a late night call to Mataatua Marae on Monday arvo (Cornwall) to have none other but Feiteceiro pick up the phone and what is he doing?...stuffing his face in the kitchen at four in the morning with Bicho Grilo and Amanhacer, typical!

Awesome Mestre, a real acknowledgement of work since planting the roots here in NZ some 15 years ago, in a NZ way, like no other. The capoeira in NZ is becoming more and more unique all the time.

Que chamada Brabo! todo mundo tava na sua casa.

Kia Kaha.
  2007-04-11 05:33:26
Man, I turn my back for ten seconds...

Congratulations, Mestre -- sorry I had to miss it, would have given a lot to be there! What was the graduation ceremony like?
  2007-04-11 14:58:46
Does that mean we have to get new t-shirts done.... Big ups to Mestre Brabo, man, i knew i shoud have robbed a bank, it would have been worth time inside, just to be at the EE07.
  Cosmonauta (sam)
  2007-04-12 10:50:57
yeah, even though i am new to the CP Mandinga Aotearoa family, i dont think i'm going to get away any time soon *grin*

my dedication had been waning a bit for the last month or so, but after the encounter all i want to do is go back to training, go to the roda on friday night, train and play to improve my capoeira more and more....this is too much fun!

i'm honored and glad to have been there to see Mestre Marcelo's magic trick, making Mestre Brabo's cordao appear (and his professor cordao disappear off the bench a day before ;) and also for Mestre Marcelo giving me a nickname - Cosmonauta. I hope i can live up to my namesake, his student Astronauta! hahaha

thank you as well to Mestre Sorriso and Contra Mestre Bengala for all your advice and help with my capoeira, and the maculele antics

thanks everyone for being so friendly and helpful to my clumsy ass, and looking forward to good times ahead!

(again) muito ax�!
  2007-04-13 15:04:29
hey parabem,congratulations to you Mestre Brabo!!!
missing your batizado is my tuff luck and something i will regret for a long time.So proud of you Mestre and know we will back you %100.

'eu jogo da capoeira ate o dia da minha morte!

big hug comin @ ya from all your new generation capoeiristas here in wangaz!
  2007-04-17 11:32:39
congratulations mestre, about time a!
  2007-04-18 00:41:02
I can't believe I missed it, but that's not the important thing. The important thing is that the 15 years of building up capoeira in Aotearoa and more than 2 decades of personal dedication to this beautiful art have been recognised.
"Eu jogo a capoeira pois e minha obriga��o. Sou disc�pulo quem aprendo, e mestre quem dou li��o."
Congratulations Mestre!
  2007-04-19 15:19:01
At the Easter Encounter 2007 I graduated as a mestre of capoeira. This is a big call and I hope I fulfil the role over the years to come. I thought I had a few years to wait for the next graduation ceremony in Brazil and it came as a big surprise. It was cool. It was great to graduate under the eye of those I have trained with all my capoeira life, Mestra Sorriso and Contra-mestre Bengala, and of course as a student of Mestre Marcelo Caveirinha. Graduating in the atmosphere of our amazing group was fantastic. It was huge. There were many who I would have liked to be there, Chris and our respective kids and some students who have been pivotal to me being in a position to graduate. I�m sorry that you weren�t and I intend to celebrate it with you. Had I known this graduation was on the table I would have tried to have you all there.

It�s an Oscar-moment but there are many to thank. Basically it has been a collective achievement but I�ll hold the cord�o that attracts the congrats!. There are many individuals to draw attention to and that�s the next e-mail or posting. Most importantly though I hope I get to celebrate this with everyone over the rest of the year.

Muito Ax�
Mestre Brabo

  One Inch Puncher
  2007-04-19 15:47:02
Damn thatshit is off the hook!
Mestre = Master right?
Jet Li would give that a bow.

Punchin out!
  2007-04-20 13:19:36
tena koe mestre brabo, ka tai koe ki te maunga teitei o te atea ko capoeira.tumeke!!!
  2007-04-24 12:47:29
Hmm, so despite my reputation as the little excessively verbose one who lurks around the forums and writes 10 times more than she should whenever she posts, I've taken my time to get to this one. Mostly cos I've been trying not to write much as of late, and just read more. Kinda like talking vs. listening. Or something.

Anyway, firstly I'll just add that Encounter '07 was a freakin awesome experience for me too. It was a great group of students and a wicked as group of Mestres to learn from.

Mestre Marcelo - You have so much knowledge, and such an awesome ability to pass it on in such a way that every time I talked to you I felt like I came away from it having learned something and with a new perspective, be it capoeira, or snorkeling, or whatever else, hehe.

Mestra Sorriso - Your energy, your ax�, your vibe... It's just completely unparalleled... There are no words for how much fun it was to train with you; for how motivating it was to be in your classes... Even when we were all dying of exhaustion, your fun and playful energy made us want to keep going regardless. You're such an awesome and inspiring Mestra to have had the honor of training with... And we'd all really love it if you'd adopt us all :)

Contra-Mestre Bengala - It was really cool to be the first to get to play with you at the class before Encounter in Auckland, even though I was terrified, just quietly. Only because you're so quiet, and keep your capoeira cards well hidden up your sleeve...So I had no idea what to expect. Which, by the way, I think is very cool. Thanks for being an inspiration also, and reminding us that it's not necessary to whip out all the big guns at once to play capoeira... That sometimes simplicity and being humble is a greater strength.

All of you guys - Thank you very much for all your encouragement and support over the time you were here... It means a lot to me. I think it's fair to say that, although I learned a lot physically over the time you were here, I learned so much more than that. Having your knowledge and wisdom and ax� to draw from has helped my capoeira out on an internal/mental level an unbelievable amount. And at the risk of sounding lame, but I don't care, thanks again Mestre Marcelo and Sorriso for working on Feiticeiro/Mandingueiro's arm... That meant a lot to me too.

Finally, I just wanted to join everyone else in saying a huge congrats to Mestre Brabo... It has been a long road, and while I've only been along for a short part at this end of it, I want to say that I'm still extremely proud of your achievements, and unbelievable honored to have been able to witness your graduation. You so obviously deserve it, and I'm glad you did get to do it surrounded by Sorriso, Bengala, Mestre, and your students. You're an amazing teacher, with an uncanny ability to know your students so well... Always knowing exactly how to put us each in situations just far enough out of our comfort zones that we can grow, rather than freak out; and always giving us the support we need to develop that which we need to develop... Even if some of us do take a little while to bite back. The effort and energy you put into us makes me want to train harder and do everything I possibly can to make your efforts worthwhile... And I know I'm not alone in feeling that way. I think the ability to generate dedication and loyalty like that in students has to be the mark of a great teacher. We all know I could write more, and I'm already sorry that this is so long... I wish I could be more concise, but I'm sick at home so I had too much time on my hands to begin with... But I'll leave it at this... There's so much more I could say to thank you Brabo, so much more we could all say... But for all that I've said, all that everyone else has said, and all that has been left unsaid... I will say that I'm unbelievably honored to be able to call YOU my Mestre. I wouldn't want it any other way. Congrats again...

  2007-04-24 12:49:11
Damn... that was even longer than I thought it was gonna be...Sorry everyone! Guess I was making up for lost time or something... My bad...
  2007-04-24 13:16:49
Oh! oh! I totally forgot just one more little thing... or 2

Narizinho! Thank you so so so so so much for everything, you rock sis! Your efforts are totally appreciated by all. I can't thank you enough for everything you've done, and for all your advice and words of encouragement. If you ever ever ever need anything at all, you know I've got your back :)

Deanna and Adam - Oh my dear god there are no words. None. Except thank you. And if I had a dollar for every time I'd said 'I wish I had deanna and adam here to make my food' since encounter, I'd be able to buy anything I wanted from both Mercado Marcelo and (that) Brabo's (so) Bazaar.

And everyone else! Thanks for making Encounter '07 so awesome, and people who weren't there as well as for being part of our capoeira family... I've learnt heaps from all of you and I think our community is a truly invaluable part of our capoeira as a whole. So thanks to all! And now I promise I'm done.

  2007-04-24 15:04:41
At least its broken into paragraphs :0)
  2007-04-25 00:44:51
Damn girl! you can write!! lol
  2007-04-25 01:15:04
You haven't been sleeping again have you Rastinha...
  2007-04-25 10:48:07
Haha, I think that's precisely the problem! I got, like...19 hours sleep on monday cos of this damn sickness... I think there's a delicate balance, just enough sleep that I can control the flow if I start writing, but preferably little enough that I'm too tired to bother in the first place, lol.
  2007-04-25 13:29:20
thank you Rastinha for the lovely insights (and a good read) that you love to share, you would make a good writer for a new zealand based capoeira magazine.

It would have been nice to have a few more capoeira players as a peasent/villager at your party, so i could have eaten them aswell.... (you know what i mean....hehehe).
  2007-04-25 14:29:45
Haha, well if we ever need reviews of events I can probably write about them in such immaculate (and possibly excessive) detail as I did about the first Waiheke trip to promote the second, hehehe... But seriously, I do apologise...

And yeah, if the villagers had had more capoeiristas they might've stood a better chance of survival, lol. Instead of the town drunk letting them all get eaten, haha.
  2007-04-28 00:45:42
hahaha, love it, if there where more capoeiristas, i would have been ganged up on and drawn and quatered.... so from my point of view, GO THE TOWN DRUNK!!! LOL. i actually think you doing the reviews and reports for events isnt a bad idea, itll give those that have missed out a chance to experence a little of the ax�, and you have NOTHING to apologise for, i personally like reading your short novels.
  2007-04-28 20:23:50
That's a cool idea, Sticks. Maybe rather than them being put on the forum we could have a special link or page from the home page. I kinda :-p to all who missed out and an encouragement not to miss the next one. And, yeah Rastinha, you do write the best of them.
  cub reporter
  2007-04-29 14:09:48
  2007-04-29 15:59:33
Well, if people want reviews I'm happy to try write ones for events I go to... Can't promise they'll be great but I can try :) Just say the word...

And that article is choice :D How cool... Shot Mestre :P
  2007-04-30 01:40:42
Yeah thats a wicked idea, I'll be down 4 that!!!
  2007-05-01 18:45:05
Hey Rastinha, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD. ok, so just in case i didnt make it clear.... WORD!
  2007-05-01 18:56:28
hey, i just read the article on "Scoop", yay, now thats what im talking about.... now all we need is a CPMA version of the scoop, cos i think the forums are getting bogged down with all these awsome "Words of wisdom"... hmmmm, i think ill look into it, maybe discuss it at the hui..?
  napdoukc lofx
  2007-07-11 02:15:29
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