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  Topic: music classes tonight?
  cosmonauta (sam)
  2007-04-12 11:08:01
anyone know if tucano's music class is on tonight?
  2007-04-12 13:01:47
Um, it might be... I'm gonna be interviewing the mestres for a doco at 6, so the hall will be open. I'd assume it will be like the other music classes and dependent on who shows up as to whether or not music happens. So I'd say come along, and at worst you can play with some instruments yourself or jogo with somebody :)
  2007-04-13 14:21:33
yes it was on, and will be on! 6pm sharp every thursday. make the most of it while its still free

and actually it's not mine, I'm just the music-class-pusher

  2007-04-21 15:51:32
kia ora tucano is that the st pauls hall?
  2007-04-22 16:24:19
ae, for the hour before the regular class. For the record it's the Mestre's class, so be on time galera!

Also new beginners' block starting this Thursday
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