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  Topic: Film about Mestre Bimba!
  2007-04-24 12:28:48
There is a movie on its way about Mestre Bimba. You can see a cool trailer for it at this link:

http://videosmarciais.wordpress.com/2006/12/10/trailer-do-filme-mes tre-bimba-a-capoeira-iluminada/
  2007-04-24 22:54:57
Hey jesus what you been up 2 man
  2007-04-27 08:59:35
jesus and I discovered that the above link doesn't work. However, the trailer can be accessed here: http://videosmarciais.wordpress.com/tag/capoeira.

Here is a link to the movie's site:
  2007-04-27 16:10:43
It does, you just have to delete the space in 'mes tre' once you've pasted it into your browser :)
  2007-04-27 21:29:36
Rastinha, what would we do without you?
  2007-08-14 10:44:44
Ol� galera

We have some news about the movie and information about the DVD release. Check our blog to see an interview with Luiz Fernando Goulart, film director of "Mestre Bimba, A Capoeira Iluminada":

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