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  Topic: Video for/of Encounter
  2006-04-03 20:06:25
Those who've been to previous encounters know the score :- no video cameras at encounter. It's kind of a copyright thing with regard to the mestres work. Moreover it's just plain courtesy and respect to them. However, we do usually have one or two official "filmographers" who capture the event and create a video of the event.

It would be unforgivable to miss the opportunity this encounter will present with Mestre Joao Grande and Cabello, and to this end we are looking for some high-end digital cameras (and operators if they're not willing to part from their equipment).

If you possess or have access to a high quality digital video camera please email "Veludo at orcon dot net dot nz" and we can talk about how to make this work.


  2006-04-03 23:31:28
Hey, Im posting this here because it relates to te previous message, and others may be curious as well...
What are the guidelines for taking still photo's at the encounter?

The camera is digital and can be uploaded to whoevers laptop is at the encounter each day to ensure capoeira pasifika has copies of it.

Also would there be any objections to me using an mp3 player to record sound and music throughout the weekend?

  2006-04-04 11:07:40
As stated by Veludo above.

We hope to put the video together on to a DVD and made available. On that note we hope to bring to this Encounter a DVD for sale of last year's Encounter with Mestre Lobao.

There is the issue of short clips captured on personal digital cameras which we haven't dealt with in the past. Capturing games, Steve-T's antics and other things in rodas, I think will be fine. We ask though that you be responsible and respectiful; and we are talking about _short_ clips. Absolutely no clips should be taken in classes without permission.

This is relatively open. Please be aware that there may be times where no photography is allowed (ie during classes) and we ask that you respect that, whatever the reason.

Further we request that you pass on copies to our library for use by our group. If you're taking photos with film can you arrange to have the best scanned and given to the library. I know this is a hassle but as you know (being film snobs) film make the best photos and we don't have many of those.

Sound Recording
Again this is relatively open. I would encourage people to bring their equipment to record songs, rodas, stories and late night snoring. Please respect any request to not record certain things.

Also we would like to put a roda recording on to CD with our next in-house recording hit, "Beira Mar, Ya Ya".

PLEASE NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PLEASE RESPECT PEOPLE'S PRIVACY. If you're asked to delete photos etc or asked to not take someones photo or film certain things please respect that.

Conversely, if you're a bit worried about being captured on video in rodas and other open events either get over it or make arrangements to avoid being shot without disrupting events. We will be filming classes and rodas. If you want to be edited out of the final product for distribution we can arrange that.
  2006-04-04 17:21:02
Hey regarding converting DV tapes to DVD.

I have a very limited potential to do this through work. However the DV tape needs to be recorded in SP mode not LP. There are also a few steps in the process which all takes time.

However where theres a will theres a way.
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