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  Topic: Wellington "Playgroup"
  2007-06-05 17:16:50
Would anyone else in Wellington be up for a weekendly playgroup session?
I suggest Saturday afternoon between say 2-5pm. The emphasis would be on PLAY, so people can just pair up and see what happens, and maybe we can have a few instruments there too...great for beginners and/or busy shift workers etc.
So this is not intended to be a Roda although one may spontaneously manifest if the mood strikes.
Location is yet to be chosen but a strong option is at 128 Abel Smith St (near Aro Hall/park) which has a space for 8-10 capoeiristas and would be hired on a Koha basis...in cases of exceptionally good weather several beautiful parks are nearby.

I'd love to start this as soon as possible so come catch me at class/roda Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or call 3894246 (i'm hopeless with internet so please do not hold your breath for a response via this forum).

  2007-06-06 07:59:07
This is a great idea; perhaps we could start one in Auckland too?
  2007-06-07 08:10:26
i wanna organise one for wanganui.... but there aint enough players yet.... oh well.... there will be.... anyway... im up for visiting either "PLAYGROUPS" so i hope more "pop" up across the country...
  2007-06-11 14:26:27
Yay, get ready to play!
Space at 128 Abel-Smith St is available and you welly cats seem keen as mustard. So first playgroup is this Saturday:

Where:128 Abel-Smith St, Te Aro, Wellington
When: Saturday 16 June 2.00-4.30pm (ongoing every sat)
whatelse: bring some gold, instruments/cd's and AXe`

Sossegado/Simon 3894246

ps. Platinado (csh) please if you have time could you email this message around the welly group, cheers Si
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