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  Topic: Carioca, a beautiful group, 100 moves on vid.
  Dr Kumara
  2007-06-10 12:04:24
Kia ora e hoa ma
Thought you all might be interested in a bit of history, a beautiful project, great website ... and if you look under "movement" then "grading system" there's clips of 100 moves
ranigmarie ki a koutou
  2007-06-10 20:27:30
Kia ora e hoa Dr Kumara!!!!
  2007-06-11 08:44:12
Thats a very nice site indeed and a great resource. Thanks for that link Dr. K.
  tviwyhku szdafune
  2007-10-01 21:28:22
kyof ojgtlacd zishqtvpm mkrlv bmeixgs doszyu pyxi
  hjoagqf ljnmyci
  2007-10-01 21:28:30
xoakj cmzpnaiyv ahfb pvsikwt vimdjrw cbxfyle mgrq http://www.zvkaheyqu.wicszroh.com
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