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  Topic: Advice for a wandering lobster
  2007-06-12 21:50:01
Hello all

I apologise for spamming you with this question, and fully accept the barrage of abuse that will rain down on this thread and the following well aimed kicks head-butts and dirty tricks that will no doubt be a part of any homecoming I attempt.

Does anyone know anything about the working holidaymaker visa thin in the UK? I have read the info on the web, talked to immigrations specialists and all that jazz, but...

I may possibly be currently living and working in an unspecified not quite legal situation in a part of Europe forgotten by the usual EU regulations. Will this count against my application or will the overlook it? If anyone has any knowledge or could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. I am happy to exchange information for chances to kick my slow unfit ass out of the roda, or cookies.

Thank you for your attention

And well done all, NZ has a Mestre and one of the scariest of them all
  2007-06-13 00:27:51
Hey Lagosta,

I can help you out with that stuff if you like, depending on where you are making the application.

email me [email protected]

  2007-06-17 21:27:37
Hey Lagosta

Forget about that, just come home.
  2007-06-18 15:04:59
Ooooooh, Lagosta, after only having those 2 replies we now know that if you go to England it means you like Mungunza more than the first kiwi to become a mestre.

  2007-06-20 19:29:36
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