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  Topic: Queenstown
  2007-06-15 00:03:48

I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a Capoeira class in Queenstown.

Thank You

  2007-06-15 15:57:10
no,but i do know there is a heck of a lot of brazillians working down there!

statistics say,up to one thousand,or there abouts.but then again,not every brazillian practices capoeira...chances are,you ll find one that does and thats a start!
  2007-06-19 16:55:20
  2007-06-19 16:58:01
Oh dear it looks like we have potty mouthed spambot on this thread!
  2007-06-19 16:59:48
  2007-07-03 11:42:37
I found a gym's website that advertised Capoeira classes.

It turns out there used to be a class but the teacher went away and they are not sure when he will be back???

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