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  Topic: Capoeira Regional anywhere
  2007-06-21 22:55:12

I don't know of anything happening out that way sorry, but there is a Regional group training at the University of Auckland, I think they used to have classes monday, tues, thurs and fri...But don't know if that's still how it is. Contact the Uni Rec Center if you wanna find out more I guess.
  2007-06-21 23:14:47
Erm...Oops, there was a nice post from someone asking about capoeira regional out in the Pakuranga/Howick area or something, but it looked like the thread had been spammed by a massive as ad for nokia mobiles, so I removed that post and the other one disappeared too... Sorry dude, but there's my reply anyways if you come back
  2007-06-22 08:24:02
Thanks, got the reply
Yea I'll look into in and give Uni Rec centre a call sometime
Thanks again
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