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  Topic: Speaking of short videos...
  2007-06-24 23:38:13
Hey all,

This isn't directly capoeira related...well it sorta is... but anyways, me and some friends, including Feiticeiro and Labareda, entered the 48 hour film competition this year... Which is where you have to make a short film in 48 hours from writing to shooting to editing, incase anyone doesn't know. We got the genre 'Fairytale' and the elements we had to include were:

A Character Jerry Read who is a hypochondriac
A Rope
The line: "What do you call that?"

If anyone would like to see our movie (It does have a wee bit of capoeira in it...if you look closely) you can find it here:

  2007-06-24 23:39:25
Oh, I meant to add, we got it in 2 mins late on account of technical difficulties... but a movie in 48hrs and 2 mins is still pretty good, so we're not too gutted :)
  2007-06-25 11:11:26
Loved it guys.... and the goblin scene was a crack up.... im sure i saw a green and yellow capoeira pants....kinda reminds me of eddie .... and just like Rastinha wears... could it be....?...LOL
i loved the goblin scene.... you guys deserve a pat on the back, and a Chocolate fish!!!
  2007-06-25 19:20:36
haha I'm gonna hold you up for that chocolate fish sometime... hmm perhaps a game of apanha de peixe do chocolate?
  2007-06-25 19:20:45
Well done guys!
  2007-06-26 17:44:29
Hey guys, loved the movie, the goblin scene woz gr8 lol. I'm gonna go watch it agen now lol

  2007-06-27 21:16:58
Hehe, glad you guys liked it... Yes those were my pants, haha...The uh, tights didn't fit my...er... stunt double *ahem*...
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