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  Topic: Hamilton Classes
  2007-07-02 00:09:01
Can any one tell me where I can find classes in hamiltion, or has the hamiltion classes closed down. thanks
  2007-07-02 19:12:25
Hi lee.
Do you have an e-mail address? Give me your contact and I will keep you posted with details of our upcoming classes starting up soon.
I am finalizing a venue for trainings and will know within the next week hopefully.

  2007-07-04 20:02:18
Hi Feiticeiro,
My E-Mail is leeskastaal(at)hotmail(dot)com.
Thank you
  2007-07-05 18:04:55
hey lee there is a class running at the mo its on wed nights frm 6.30pm to 8.30pm, at the te ahurei te ranga tahi youth center, barton street, (off ward street) love to see you there. laters
  2007-07-07 21:28:00
Hi Ra,
Thanks for that, Can u tell me if there are classes for kids. It would be for my 10yr old son. Thank u
  2007-07-07 21:48:18
I pretty sure kids are welcome at that class lee, but Ra can confirm as he'd know better than I do :) I'd assume it's ok and take him along :)
  2007-07-08 10:56:05
for sure lee. the class is open to n e 1
  2007-07-09 20:51:45
Hi Ra,
Thanks for that. We can't make it this week but will be there next week. Is there any thing that we should bring on the night.
Can you also tell me how much the classes cost.
Thank you
  2007-07-09 21:06:14
all you need to bring is a t-shirt and some loose fitting track pants. classes are free
  2007-07-09 21:11:38
We will see you all next week.
  2007-07-10 18:27:44
Awesome look forward to it
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