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  Topic: Wellington Axe Weekend
  2007-07-04 06:38:35
Hello All,

Some how last night I got elected to organize rides for the upcoming Wellington Axe weekend (on July 20). So if you are planning on going and either need a ride or can give someone else a lift . . . PLEASE POST HERE!!!

This way we can get everything worked out ahead of time.

To start things off . . .

I would like to drive down and need a ride there and back. I can probably only get Friday of work, so I would need to leave on Friday and return on Sunday (even if it is late).
  2007-07-04 09:52:46
Hehe, don't worry Jess, surprise elections into unexpected roles seem to be our groups specialty...

I too would like to go down to Welli, I can't drive and have no car, but I can probably go whenever... I have class monday and friday, but can skip it if needs be. Get in touch... 0273279716... or oi(dot)rastinha(at)gmail(dot)com. Wicked! Now the only problem is that this weekend coincides with the 7th Harry Potter book... Ooh, I might just have to fill in the time I can't train (or am not supposed to be training) with reading...hehehe. Ah what a nerd.

  2007-07-04 20:50:05
me 3!

  2007-07-05 13:49:00
Im gonna be there with bells on... as opposed to wearing sheep ears....
  2007-07-06 00:31:40
OK . . . so we have three people, possibly four just because I am not sure who Sticks is or where he is from. (Sorry Sticks, but I am still pretty new to the group).

If we can not find someone with a car, I would be willing to rent one, but that just means you would have to put up with crazy American possibly trying to drive on the wrong side of the road every once and awhile.

Cosmonauta do you have a liscense?
  2007-07-06 13:00:33
only to kill
  2007-07-06 16:43:23
I'm a possible as well,don't have car, can drive, but preferrably not all the way to Welly :)
  have car will travel
  2007-07-06 16:43:45
hey Welly-tonians whats the haps? any details coming out about the weekend or is it top secret?
  2007-07-07 09:08:12
hehehe, im already more than half way there... i live in wanganui... but my thoughts are with you traveling down from aucks.... im thinking of doing the sort of thing i would do to get to a capoeira gathering... Hitch.... if i can do Taupo to wellington on crutches after the 2004 encounter, then this will be a peice of cake.
its going to be great to see everyone...
  2007-07-10 12:32:04
i take that back, i cant come due to various prohibiting reasons. down with prohibition!
  2007-07-10 14:16:48

My humble apologies for the lack of information regarding the upcoming Ax� weekend.

More details to come very soon, but it looks like the schedule will be (very loosely):

Friday Evening - Welcome/Kick-Off/"Special" Roda
Saturday Late-Morning - Free Introductory Capoeira Class
Saturday Afternoon - Mestre Brabo Workshop
Saturday Evening - Party-Type activities at one of three top-secret locations
Sunday Late-Morning - Pandeiro workshop
Sunday Afternoon - Maculele/Samba

Cost/s to be confirmed

Please note that these details are not the official Wellington Capoeira Massive � details; rather the somewhat-educated musings of one rogue agent.

  2007-07-10 22:50:52
Calling all auckland capoeiristas who are yet undecided about travelling down to wellington for the axe weekend.

There is a very good chance that a vehicle will be hired for the trip. Also it is likely that there will be funding from the Auckland branch account to subsidise the expenses.

Interaction between our branches is definately a good thing and a way to encourage it is to financially support these trips.

Probably we will leave AK friday morn 8-9ish to get to welli in time for openng roda(6 or 7ish pm)
returning on sunday, leaving there about 4 or 5pm to get back to AK in the early hours of monday morn.

We need to know who wants to come, to make sure we have the right vehicle /no. of seats.
so let us know ASAP.
so far looks like there are 5.
  2007-07-11 11:34:11
Any idea what it's likely to cost -- ballpark figure -- to hire it and pay gas once it's been subsidised? money is my main deciding factor right now... Or lack thereof.
  2007-07-11 13:13:06
let me speak to the AK treasurer and I'll get back to you
  2007-07-11 14:43:41
More Details:

All activities remain as previously stated.

Costs are:
Whole Weekend: 40 - Members; 60 - Non-Members
Brabo's Workshop: 30 - Members; 45 - Non-Members
Roda/Intro Class: Free
Pandeiro/Samba/Maculel�: 10/workshop

  2007-07-11 14:44:52
Damn inter-web stole my dollar signs without so much as a by-your-leave...
  2007-07-11 23:10:14
That sounds good, Jesus & Platinado, thanks for organising stuff :)

Would any Wellingtonians have a couch for people to crash on perhaps, please? Or a back yard, and I bring the tent?
  2007-07-12 09:02:48
Hey All,

I officially got Friday off work, which means I am definitely coming down, YEAH!!! I am really looking forward to seeing some more of NZ and meeting the Wellington Capoeiristas.

That is great that we may be able to get funding to hire a vehicle!!!

I can drive part of the way, as long as someone else is awake to make sure I stay on the correct side of the road.
  2007-07-14 10:38:49
I second that Enigma, anyone want to put up with a lost "Cuba st carnival" sheep?, im comming from wanganui, and kinda need a space to sleep, rest my head, and just have a jolly good time.... hows it at Te Aro Valley?(nugde, nudge, wink, wink)
Aroha nui
Jason Paniani (A.K.A. "The REAL Sticks")
  2007-07-14 20:46:46

Sounds like its gonna be a great weekend at Welly .... I really I wish I could go :-(

Thumbs up to Platinado and others for organizing stuff :-)

To Rastinha: perhaps you should come and visit me; Harry Potter (book AND movie) is already widely available here ... In fact, would you like me to tell you how the story ends ??? *grinning and raising one eyebrow*

  2007-07-15 17:58:04
Yeah, things are set to go off in the windy city, and indeed big ups to Platinado for the lions share of the organisation for this weekend. I haven't been as active as I would have liked in the set up for this weekend because I've been busy with lots of other stuff, one thing being flat hunting (and since I'm between flats at the moment, I'm afraid hotel Zigue is not open this Axe Weekend, desculpe gente).

The Axe is building and we're all looking forward to the convergence of malandros this coming weekend. Um, dois, tres...
  2007-07-15 18:43:20
OK . . . this is the last week before the event. We need to get an exact count on who is definitely coming, so if we are renting a vehicle we know how big of one we have to get. Also, do we know yet about wether we have funding to rent a vehicle with. Right now I believe the list is:

1. Rastinha
2. Enigma
3. Jesus
4. Flamingo

Please let me know if you want to be added, or need to be taken off this list.
  2007-07-16 16:29:41
I came from Cordao de Ouro in Sweden, me and some others are training In Nelson
I meet good capoeristas in Christchurch from your group a couple of times.
I want to meet you all and train whit you guys seem your group and mine have common moves and style.

I may came from Nelson to this event to. It's a litte bit more expencive for me to get there than only driving a car down from Auckland.
The fary, and buses cost more than the whole workshop.
I need to se if there is some one how have a place on the floor or something were i can sleep durning the event. Other ways it may be to expencive for me to get there.
let me know by this forum or send me a e-mail: [email protected]
  2007-07-16 16:51:43
Guela is coordinating places for people to stay over the weekend. I'll draw his attention to your plight.

  2007-07-17 17:00:33
Cheers man hope i can get some place.
  2007-07-17 17:56:48
Its gonna be a fun weekend, but then, ive never known a time when there wasn't a lota fun at a Ax� weekend in wellies..... see you guys soon.... even if it is at random places.... gotta love the Ax� in NZ...
  SpongeBob SquarePant
  2007-07-17 17:59:34
Im Ready, Im ready, Im ready!
  2007-07-18 14:31:50
I'm coming down too now,just couldnt resist!
So thats 5 for the bus,I know a cheap hire place out by the airport I could org.
Also we need to know where the venue is for the axe as maybe we could org to stay at a hostel near if there arent enough available crash pads?I'm happy to org this
Anyway see you at training Thur
  2007-07-18 22:07:37
Jesus and Rastinha have in their shame forgotten to say they're not coming any more, so with Rachel we're back up to 3... Unless someone's heard from Sara...
  2007-07-19 16:10:28

shout out to the auckland capoeirastas, in case accommodation hasn't been sussed yet. My flat mates are away for the weekend, so theres plenty of space free.

lookin forward to the shared axe

peace, Jack.
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