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  Topic: POW!
  2007-07-07 12:40:11
hey guys and girls! has n e 1 taken a full on kick 2 the chops or been taken down hard? please post back your experiences and tell me how it made you feel. did make you feel angry, scared, embarrassed, dizzy. did it make you wanna train harder, or did it make you want to stop training all together.hit me back cause i wanna know lol HOLLA!
  2007-07-08 14:08:22
I remember the first time i didn't see a meia lua de compasso to my head, and it made me see stars... i learnt from that day, "To duck. and be ready for anything, from anyone".... i gotta say. i was extremely embarrassed because it was on stage, and it made me realise how far i have to go with capoeira... but its made me appreciate the simplicity and complexity of capoeira.... cheers Ra, thanks for bringing this up.
  2007-07-08 18:38:04
no worries sticks. nice story and thanks for being honest in how it made you feel. and its awesome to hear that you learned from it.
  2007-07-09 10:37:26
I can recall at least one time getting a whack to the jaw with a rabo de arraia from Lion. That was some time ago but it sticks in my memory because I couldn't close my mouth properly for about 3 days (it made eating pretty difficult too).
It was one very well timed kick. I wasn't paying much attention to my escape from another kick and managed to run face first into another.
It was a lesson learned that a kick doesn't need to be very hard at all as long as the timing is correct and you lead the person you are playing into your trap.
Nice question Ra.
  2007-07-09 21:32:05
I remember getting a nice chapa de costas to the face from none other than Mestre Brabo... Hahaha. I didn't feel too silly or embarrassed or anything. My head probably shouldn't have been there, or my hands should have been instead, but it just turned out to be really funny. I was honored to have Brabo's shoe print on my forehead for a few days. No really, he bragged about it to everyone after that, haha. I like to think of it as having been a limited edition autograph from our mestre before he officially became a mestre :)

The only other one I remember was when I'd only been training a little while and I au'd onto a cabessada from Enigma. It got me right on my eye socket/cheek bone and swelled up something crazy. That was more a matter of lack of experience and the 'right place wrong time' kinda accidents that tend to happen, haha. First partially black eye I got, lol. Hmm, I seem to get lots of souvenirs from these things, lol.
  2007-07-09 22:29:41
Ah, I have to apologise for that one again Rastinha, but at least you got yours back when I walked face-first into your hand winding up for an armada while trying to compra-compra in the troca-de-cordao. Just a little split lip tho, can't remember any big knock-outs any more altho I'm sure there was some.
  2007-07-10 10:03:59
I remember that time back in our Junior days when we had a roda with some 'Pasifika' kids at albert park, early 2005 so we'd just started... and the goal used to be to knock your sunglasses off, lol. I think cenoura kicked you in the head and knowcked them off and you gave a great getting dizzy and falling over performance, hehe.

Oh, and I remember something happening to you at our batisado, I don't think I saw it, but I remember you coming out early and looking pretty woosey.

Ah, lastly, I also now remember getting a rabo de arraia to the cheek from Palhaco that made it hurt to smile for a week and hurt to touch for like a month or something, lol. That one made me feel dizzy, I saw stars and got a bit disoriented, but kept playing for a while.

Things like this never make me angry though, nothing much does, lol.
  2007-07-10 10:30:04
Oh yeah! At our batisado I walked straight into Bicho Grilo's rabo-de-arraia, eye first. And he was only the 2nd peson I got to play :( I remember thinking at the time if he hadn't been wearing shoes I woulda had a broken nose. As it was, just a bruise and lesson (hopefully) learned.

The cenoura stuff was just de rigour. Another thing that happened at the Aotea Sq roda is Junior getting his tooth knocked out by Amanhecer, after probably being up continuously for 2-3 weeks following the birth of his baby (Junior's, that is). Also, Jef got his nose broken in training by don't-remember-whom, at the Old Folks Ass. He didn't seem too upset, except by the doctor's bill for essentially telling him "sorry nothing we can do".
  2007-07-10 12:16:37
The first major hit to the head was a Meia Lua de Compasso to the back of the head by Mestre. It was a good one. Couldn't move my head (literally) for 3 weeks, couldn't do anything much for 6 weeks and was out of training physically for 9 months! Apart from the first 3 - 6 weeks I didn't miss a beat with capoeira. I went back to classes and did music. It wasn't that hard for me because in some ways I was a lazy student I reckon. I was just tenacious. Once I got the ok to go back to training I found I was able to catch up with the others pretty well. The one big thing was that I had kicked started my music and that gave me heaps of confidence in the group. I can't remember my feelings on that one but I do remember coming back to class after that which was a mix of embarrassment and feeling pretty good about coming back.

The last big hit was rehearsing for the Wearable Arts. Pirueta clocked me a good one to the jaw... another Meia Lua de Compasso. I was a liquidarian for a couple of days. It was a good kick. I don't know why but I wasn't even switched on. For some reason I stopped and stood up in the middle of a sequence while Pirueta got into full swing. I wasn't embarrassed about it but maybe I should've been. Typical to our personel there was no mercy shown with the jokes that followed. But, Ra Maluco... don't even try it...
  2007-07-10 13:31:08
3 years ago Veludos foot in the vanguard of his Meia Lua de Compasso found my jaw in a public roda. Our game halted, we shook hands, left the roda and that was that.

To this day my jaw clicks first thing in the morning, and since then any contact in the roda doesn't bother me so much. Try to avoid it but as long as i am going the right direction then contact hurts only my pride.
  2007-07-10 13:33:20
Damn Enigma you have got a good memory for injuries (even the ones you are just a spectator for) very impressive.
  2007-07-10 14:22:50
Yeah, I remember that happening to Junior, he did a mortal onto Amanhecer's high speed rabo de arraia. Oh wait - I probably mean meia lua de compasso :). Nasty man...

I remember rowena getting a rabo de arraia to the eye too I think, in class sometime.

I got a chapa to the solar plexus by...Tucano I think...at a friday roda once. It winded me something nasty but I tried to keep playing for a bit I remember, then had to stop. Should've got out of the way. Speaking of Tucano, I can remember many-an-occasion where I've played him and suddenly found myself landing ass- or face-first on the ground before I even know what's hit me. Those rasteiras tended to leave me feeling more...bewildered and amazed at how it happened so quickly without me even noticing than anything, lol.

  2007-07-10 15:47:07
I remember one time I was playing with Gafa and did a stupid escape from a ben��o he was doing, just went down to the ground in a queda de quatro position. He looked at me with this kind of "you've got to be kidding" face on and continued his kick and sort of stood on my spine for a little while. At the time I thought it was sort of excessive, but then again I've remembered to this day that QdQ isn't the best response to a ben��o, so maybe it wasn't that bad an idea after all :)

Also, there was my first game in Mestre Moraes' roda here, my first week back on capoeira after a year of travelling. It's kind of a serious roda -- you have to be on time, the music's very good, there's definitely a bit of an air of formality, and Moraes gives a bit of a mini-lecture about some aspect of capoeira after each roda. I did a kind of open a� de cabe�a to enter the roda and promptly got kicked in the face by the son of the mestre. I was already a bit nervous about playing, so the rest of the game was barely capoeira at all, from my side. He got me with a nice headbutt to the face during a chamada, and an armada which I almost escaped from but clipped my nose and took the skin off, at which point Moraes stopped the game. I was pretty shaken, as much from feeling affronted as from the adrenaline of the game. I mean, it seemed to me at the time that if you're a contramestre, you have the option to play a bit more controlled of a game and teach the same lessons without wrecking the game. Surely no one wants to see a game like that, a guy with no skill being taken apart by a guy who's been playing all his life...?

But then that's the thing about capoeira here. It's not the fact that it's more violent (though you could see it that way), nor that it's more serious (though you could see it that way too). It's more just that there's a greater diversity of individuals, from different backgrounds, with different philosophies. There are guys who would never hit you, guys who'd clock you a good one if they thought you were playing below your ability, guys who'll put you in tough situations to see if you can get out of them, and guys who will boot you in the jaw if you go into a bananeira during training.

I find that it's not the level or the tone of capoeira in NZ that's lacking -- it's just the isolation, the lack of the unknown guy sitting down at the foot of the berimbau, and everyone waking up to see how the game's going to go. It's an obvious lesson, and if you'd talked about it to me before I got here, I'd probably feel like I knew that already. But for sure that beating in Moraes' roda was something that crystallised that knowledge and made it real, for me.

For a bit too long, I think, I felt embarrassed here for not knowing things I felt like I should know. But I guess there's a difference between knowing something outside a roda and knowing something when you're upside down trying to size someone up.

I had a bit of an off week after the game, but in the long run I've come to understand what happened a lot better. Having played with him several times since, and seen him play, I recognise the way he approaches a game -- he plays very closed, very conservatively, very deliberately. He moves out of range and then back, rather than opening up while close, to taunt the other player into a potentially exploitable position. That's his style, and certainly if he's playing with someone who's not respecting the lethality that that closedness represents, he's going to take the opportunities they're giving him. And I don't have a problem with that, any more. It makes it interesting to see how someone with an ordinarily very open game will deal with it.

Lastly, I remember ducking the wrong way into a fast martelo from Lane and chewing hell out of the inside of my cheek. Hee hee
  2007-07-10 18:24:13
Nice story Minhoca. i like that you've identified the way this person plays and more importantly how it made you feel when you got struck. but most impressive what you have learned from him mentally and physically, i mean i bet you more weary about entering the roda with an au de cabeca while playing him (or any body) for that matter lol it sounds like your out look on capoeira is growing. thats awesome dude. and dont worry allstar. i promise the samoan ninja wont try it ....................................................much.
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