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  Topic: is capoeira my life?
  2007-07-14 11:34:59
So much has changed in my life.It was nt like as soon as i started capoeira but a graduall thing.I understand the committment necessary to achieve difficult moves, both mentally and physically.Hours and months spent on flexibility,fine tuning the body,sculpting and dieting,all this for an art that has had the power to over-ride all most every activity i have grown up with.

But with my hand-full of years compared to someones life-time like M.Brabo,is it pre-mature to say, "Capoeira is my life?

  2007-07-15 18:35:52
My first Capoeirs class I was hooked; it just felt right, and then Capoeira gradually became the focal point of my life when I first started training. For me . . . it seems the Capoeira just fits with my world view and how I want to live my life. Each aspect of Capoeira from the excersie , strength training and mental awareness, to the music and exploration of Brazilian culture fits a certian niche of what I need. At this point, I can't say "Capoeira is my life", because I know that these needs have a tendancey to change over time, and other things in my life may one day take priority, but for now Capoeira is a very important part of my life and who I am, and I can not imagine what mylife would be like without it.
  2007-07-16 02:07:35
I once asked that question years ago in front of Mestre... He simply replied with this: "no, capoeira is just a sideshow"

I guess this makes sense because life is the real game.
  Sideshow Bob
  2007-07-16 12:09:53
Thats a particularly wise quote from Mestre Brabo!
I completely agree with it too.
  2007-07-17 17:58:30
Im Ready, Im ready, Im ready!
  2007-07-23 22:58:43
well,when you here people say those four words,can you really take them seriously?

What does it mean to say this?

do they mean that they would drop anything and i mean anything just to be there in the moment?

does it mean a lifetime in capoeira?

Does it mean changing lifetime habits,things you eat,things you beleive?

Im sure most of us know capoeira is not the real game.that the true game is life,yea i know that.

But i think when you hear this people dont mean capoeira is as important to them as the air is to breathe.It must be the same as it is to an ameteur rugby player i met a few years ago who had spent his lifetime playing for the same club,week in,week out,every winter from five yrs old to forty-five yrs young.He at that time played golden oldies,watches his club team every week,works admin for the club and coaches a school grade team.

I asked him if he ever got sick of rugby,[ cause im not much into it] he replied;

"Rugby is my life...it is what i know,all my family are here,look!

I never understood why anyone would want to play a sport so brutal,yet for so long pass the prime of their lives,[ i mean for a rugby player}.But while talking to this Maori guy, accompanied by a few social beers,i became aware of the passion in which he spoke about what the game meant to him.

I could not help notice the amount of people,young and old ex-changing handshakes while i was talking with him.His face would light up everytime and when the odd few offered a nudge or joke his eyes would swell and his laugh got everyone in the pub laughing too.

Two little kids,a boy and girl came up to him. he sat the girl on his knee while the boy chanted,koro i scored three tries today!I smiled while koro asked his grand-daughter if she scored any tries...I didnt hear the reply but they left to buy some hot chips with the money their koro gave.As they walked away i couldnt help wondering if they too would spend a life-time with rugby.

"Those are my mokos,he said.I suspect the room we were in catered to three hundred people that night.
he said,
bro,not everyone in here is related by blood",which was claerly obvious when i looked around,
"but we are family.This is my world!as he poked his finger in my chest,which i remember cause that makes me uncomfortable,he repeated,this is my life,rugby,its me,us.
  2007-07-23 23:38:27
i am certain that man i had met for the first time who welcomed me to sit a while, his life trully is rugby.All the evidence were there as proof.im also certain that if oneday i could sit in a room with other capoeiristas and have that same experience in my life,i too with out hesitation nor remorse and absolute sincerity would say those four words which started this thread.

Capoeira is just a sideshow?...in this respect no its not!

  2007-07-24 17:00:27
nice story ???

maybe we look to deep into things sometimes and dont see whats really there.

i get your message ??? cool bro/siss?
  2007-07-25 00:14:46
so if Capoeira is just a sideshow what's the main one?
  2007-07-25 00:31:28
Wasn't it life?
  2007-07-25 10:12:02
Why do you need someone to tell you "clown? is it not clear and transparent?

  Deep Thought II
  2007-07-25 11:59:22
"Life moves on, weather we act as cowards or heroes. Life has no other disapline to impose, if we would but realize it, than to accept life unquestioningly. Everything we shut our eyes to, everything we run away from, everything we deny, denigrate or despise, serves to defeat us in the end. What seems nasty, painful, evil, can become a source of beauty, joy and strength, if faced with an open mind. Every momentis a golden one for him who has the vision to recognise it as such" - Henry Miller

"Life is too important to be taken seriously." - Oscar Wilde

  2007-07-25 18:39:25
My fellow clown has a point... let me be incredibly brave, incredibly stupid, or just incredible [does stupidly wide grin], and ask:

If Capoeira is the side show, and if Life is the main show, are the shows different?

-------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------
If you thought a robot transforming into a car was great, you should see a bird transform into a question mark.
  2007-07-25 21:02:20
Great proposition Palhaco!
  2007-07-26 15:19:16
i thought sideshows were for people who ran away from home?

if i got a dollar everytime i heard people say,

"capoeira is my blablabla,i would have four of them.thats rich where i come from g!

interesting because they trully believe it at the time.all of whom are currently still in the game!

will i have to leave you all now and get back to life!!!!!
laces tied,lights off,door locked...wheres my f*#?n car!!!!!
  2007-07-26 16:53:42
Damn imposter birds!
  2007-07-26 19:06:41
Um... is the answer to the other question, 7?

Oh and how many sides to a circle? 2? An inside and an outside?

I thought you biked all around town anyways Putumuju....?
  2007-07-26 23:59:37
I think we all know the answer we're really looking for... The answer to any question...The meaning of life... THE answer...It has to be...


Who's with me? Ya? Ya?

  2007-07-27 02:15:08
Can only count up to 7 ( cos i don't have 42 fingers and toes and thumbs), but I love Marvin the robot...... so yes it is 42...... my mama agrees too.. and shes the ultimate fighter.... hehehe
  Deeper still
  2007-07-27 09:35:42
Bla bla bla is my Capoeira!
  2007-08-01 10:05:29
yeah i still bike aroound bro
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