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  Topic: beginners block course
  2007-07-16 14:20:23
Hi all I am thinking very seriously about doing the beginners block course starting on the 26th of July and was wondering what I could expect at the block course..

also what is the required level of fitness and flexibly´┐Ż

because currently I am lacking in both. These are two of the main reasons I am looking at starting capoeira + a bit of fun along the way I hope.
  Course outline
  2007-07-16 15:08:15
Introduction; beginning movement and sequence; intro. to the capoeira event (the roda).

Continuing with sequence (adding on movements); intro to music instruments.

Continuing with the sequence
(adding on movements); music (pandeiro).

Drilling individual movements; continuing the sequence (adding on movements); more on the pandeiro.

Continuing with the sequence
(adding on movements); looking at alternatives to the sequenced movements.

Concentrate on refining the technique of various movements; introduction to the main musical
instrument (the berimbau); introduction to the
three types and how they are applied.

Concentrating on the technique of the sequence; various fun gymnastic movements.

Roda! The capoeira event: how to apply the
movements, sequence, music and song to play a game of capoeira and participate in a capoeira roda.
  2007-07-16 17:22:59
The course caters to most levels of fitness, and flexibility is not essential in the beginning. Both will develop very quickly as you keep training. The hardest bit to start with is getting used to all the movements and technique, as well as using your arms & shoulders more than the average joe. You will feel like a flat tyre the next day, but it's so much fun you'll have forgotten the pain by next week's class :)
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