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  Topic: Axe weekend photo's anyone?
  2007-07-25 12:18:39
Hi all!
I noticed a few happy snappers at the axe weekend - was wondering if any of you guys were going to publish your photographic results someplace on the interweb for us all to enjoy??!
  2007-07-25 12:25:39
Or perhaps in the monthly newsletter 'A Cabe�ada' ???
  2007-07-25 17:47:44
Alas, all of mine turned out way motion-blurry, in a bad way :(
  2007-07-26 15:18:51
I have some, but have not had a chance to go through and "publish" yet.
I have been a bust girl this week. I will try and get around to it this weekend.
  2007-08-04 15:55:01
Ok . . . I finally got my photos up.
Sorry it has taken so long; my only excuse is WORK SUCKS!!!

Go to: http://www.dropshots.com/mingomills#albums/Wellington%20Axe

To check them out . . .

  2007-08-05 17:59:10
Those are some good pics, Flamingo - maybe Brabo's famous lament that all capoeira photos turn out to be of someone's arse isn't always true.
  2007-08-06 09:14:30
Thanks Pan�a!!!

In Brabo's defense, many Capoeira photos are of someone's arse. I know there are some pics floating around out there of mine . . .
  2007-08-06 10:38:35
hey they are some awesome shots!

what i don'tget is what has everyone got against a nice bit of arse on film ;)
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