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  Topic: how bout th@ group in Dunedin?
  2007-08-05 22:01:33
anyone know bout "Aruande" in Duniz?
check them out on youtube,they are pretty cool!
look under;capoeira new zealand.
  2007-08-06 16:39:50
Yeah cool to see other schools doing good aswell
  2007-08-09 13:13:00
take a look @ the footage 9min54sec long,check the dark guy out in the last game.Does he remind you of anyone in particular?

hmmm...is it me or do those swinging dreads belong to someone beginning with T?

what was his name again?
  2007-08-09 17:03:12
Is it timothy, tony, taamati, terrence, travis, terry, taylor, ted, theodore, thomas, toby, todd, trevor, tristram, trinity?

Any of those names? I can't think of any more that start with T.
From where, does he look familiar?
actually I didn't even watch the whole vid... slow internet connection lol but chances are I probably don't even know who you are talking about.
  2007-08-09 17:06:33
no wait... yeah he does look familiar... His name starts with C doesn't it?
  2007-08-09 20:33:18
oooh fets that hurts,nah seriously,is that not Tanirau?

He once kicked around with the welly crew and was with us down in Chch while back.chances are,its him alright!

Can anyone confirm?
  2007-08-09 20:37:59
by the way Fets,you still in the same flat? I think i have a few things you might like back aye?

school holidays coming up and ill b passing through aye!
  2007-08-09 23:59:39
hey putumuju. Um yeah that's who I was thinking of... Tanirau/Cedric.
Nah I am at a different flat now right in the city... If you are heading through, bust me an e-mail and I'll give you my new addy, can't post up here otherwise I'll have every Tom, Tick and Tharry at my doorstep lol...
I still have some of your vids too... do you like that dvd with the old school footage? Its classic eh???

talk soon.

[email protected]
  2007-08-10 00:24:53
Sup Fets,

How's tricks man? got some old footage gold there eh? awesome.

What happening over there in Hamiltron?

All good here, plently of capoeira, when are gonna meet up in Brasil?

Should be a good one....
  2007-08-10 01:06:35
crickeys! you know i forgot he had a flash name too,Cedric!

gee i always thought you had my E-mail;

[email protected]

bout that old sCool stuff,you aint kiddn Fets,that there footage sure is a humdinger if i say so myself!

  Cai Cai
  2007-08-16 20:21:31
yeah man thats Taneroa alright, Axe!
  2007-08-17 14:37:50
hmmmm...is Mestre going down to visit Aruande?

oooh Tanerau,best you face the music "Bwada!
  2007-08-18 23:50:25
Hey Mugunza, Putumuju.
I am in the big smoke at the moment staying with my sweet girl in Grey Lynn, I have a job in the north shore starting on Monday and am really looking forward to being up here, training heaps, working hard and hanging out with the Auckland crew.
Hmmm capoeirando 08 sounds really wicked but I don't think it will be possible for me yet... however I am hoping to go to Brazil before 2012 which although seems like ages away, I would hope to be fully prepared by then to make the most of it.
Ax'e amigos, Talk again soon.
  2007-08-19 17:16:59
oh fets you going jaffa on us?

rapaz,Orkland cant prepare you for Brazil.You need to come down here to Gang-gavegas!
  2007-08-20 13:46:01
Hey putumuju you calling Akld training soft?
  2007-08-20 13:56:19
I'd like to argue that living in Auckland doesn't necessarily make one a Jafa... If you're born here, sure... If you succumb to the Jafa-ness, sure... But some of us fight to keep our out-of-towner pride strong, hehehe. Go the Naki...respresent.

Of course, it's hard to say whether being a Jafa or a Hamiltonian is a worse fate... :P
  2007-08-21 08:50:29
Are we playing Angola here or Regionalism?
  2007-08-21 23:28:19
No! [ str8 face like a little boy who juss told a lie ]

them juss jokes Jafanista,dont take offence!

Think i take pride in calling my home town "gang gavegas"?

I also am aware of what justifies a jafa! After all,i did live half my life in Caaaaaaaaaanterbuuuuurrrryyyy!!!!!

Please,nobody try to tell me all the things good about Aklnd,I was a westy for two years and spent most of the time @ the airport flying out!

Finally,i was referring to Akl lifestyle not the training,[ i do wanna turn up once in a while and not have to face the wrath of Mestre ]!

good nite Jafas...from NZ.

  2007-08-22 00:17:13
bak up top.
  2007-08-24 03:44:57
West Auckland rocks cos...

Falcon or Holden take your pick.
White shoes.
Black jeans.
Black Sabbath.
Te Atatu
West Coast Beaches.
Lynfield Skate Bowl.
Blockhouse Bay.
Billy T K.
Waitemata Stadium.
Waitakere Ranges.

  2007-08-24 03:55:52
Two years as westie doesn't count, your just an overstayer!
  Westie too
  2007-08-24 16:10:18
I just converted to Westie.
West is Best!
  2007-08-24 18:03:41
west side!
  2007-08-25 05:25:36
  2007-08-26 23:08:18
it wasnt by choice,it was where my job at the time placed me.and thats all i have to say on this!
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