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  Topic: Roxinho's Sydney Event
  2007-08-07 09:41:29

Me and Morte Vivo are going to head over for this in November (20-25th). Anyone else interested? Also, I was wondering if anyone knew of a good backpackers/place to stay centrally or near the academy/training venue.

If you are wondering what I am talking about details of the event are here:


  2007-08-07 17:26:28
I'm going over to Sydney on the 23rd (Friday) and was hoping to attend the weekend. Not 100% sure if I can do the whole weekend as the practice run for the wedding I'm over there for might be on at some point, but I'll try my best. And if people need place to crash, should be able to sort something out. Unfortunately the place is a little out of the way, having no train line and slow busses, but I usually can wrangle the car keys from mom :)
  2007-08-11 21:46:19
Yep Im keen to go on the way back from my second trip back to Europe in Nov.
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