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  Topic: How many Capoeiristas does it take to...
  2007-08-24 16:21:55
How many Capoeirstas does it take to change a lightbulb?

I don't know have we learnt that sequencia?
  2007-08-24 16:37:18
Why did the Capoeirsta cross the road?

Cause chickens don't jogo.

(thats one for all the tough guy Capoeiristas out there)
  2007-08-26 23:18:50
y did the capoeirista call itself a joker?
  2007-08-27 11:22:21
y did the question people call himself imtuff?
  2007-08-29 22:44:53
dknow,but we need mo jokers.too many far too serious!
  2007-09-01 16:07:45
It only takes one capoeirista to change a lightbulb... he just does volta ao mundo while holding onto it...
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